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TH E M R EP O RT | 7 MTECH Vendorly Partners With Shared Assessments CUSTOMERS WILL NOW HAVE ACCESS TO THE STANDARDIZED INFORMATION GATHERING QUESTIONNAIRE. V endorly, an oversight platform for financial institutions, has announced a collaboration with Shared Assessments, a third-party risk management company, to license the Standardized Information Gathering (SIG) Questionnaire. This questionnaire is available for Vendorly customers to access the industry-standard list of questions based on the risk profile of their vendor engagement. "Vendor management is becoming increasingly complex, covering more and more areas," said Jim Vaca, SVP, Vendorly. "By recognizing the pain points experi- enced by the customers and vendors we work with, we felt a need to bring some additional efficiency to both. So often our clients and prospects ask for guid- ance on the right questions to ask, even something as simple as how long the questionnaire should be. The standardiza- tion of questionnaires is long overdue, and we are excited to be offering the Shared Assessments SIG Questionnaire to our clients." The vendor platform provider said that the SIG Questionnaire, which is built on best practices by the Shared Assessments member community, provides standard- ization and efficiency in performing third-party risk assessments. Through this collaboration, Vendorly customers no longer need to rely solely on internal expertise in knowing the difference be- tween frameworks (i.e. ISO or NIST) and instead can rely on the standardized ques- tionnaire to help define how to mitigate risk. With over 50,000 vendors actively managed on the Vendorly platform, the addition of the SIG functionality showcas- es Vendorly's commitment to raising the standards of third-party risk management (TPRM). The SIG effectively becomes the standard for all questionnaires, helping to satisfy the universe of a TPRM profes- sional's risk control areas. "We commend Vendorly for join- ing the community of third-party risk practitioners working to create assurance in vendor relationships," said Catherine A. Allen, Chairman & CEO, The Santa Fe Group, Shared Assessments. "By adopting and contributing to the Shared Assessments standard, Vendorly is work- ing to create standard assessments that are reliable, relevant and efficient." FROM THE SOURCE SHARE THIS CASUAL Ever wondered if project management software could be simpler? Casual provides an answer through an online project management tool that helps teams plan and execute projects as a simple workflow that shows all aspects of an ongoing project at a glance. An ideal app for small and growing project teams, as well as anyone who manages similar and repeatable projects, Casual also helps non-project managers to organize tasks and ideas the way they look in their mind, rather than relying on complex project manage- ment charts. The app also includes a startup toolkit, project proposal templates, and samples as well as an interactive guide to help the user understand the full scope of Casual's project man- agement features. These toolkits help managers to simplify project processes and the scope of the work they take up. A trial of this online app is also available on the Casual website. READ THIS CRUSHING IT! By Gary Vaynerchuk For all those who believe in going off the beaten path in their corporate life, Crushing It!, by four- times New York Times bestseller Gary Vaynerchuk gives insights into how successful entrepreneurs and influencers have built thriving businesses and extraordinary personal brands. The book draws on experiences from leaders who rejected the tried and tested corporate path to pursue their dream. Starting where his first book Crush It! Published in 2009, left off, Vaynerchuk explains why a vibrant personal brand is even more crucial for business success today than it ever was. In the book, Vaynerchuk offers both theoretical and tactical advice on how anyone from a plumber to a sports professional can amplify his or her brand through social media. He also provides tips and tweaks to enhance the more common strategies for professionals with more experience making it a guide to building a path to professional and financial success for anyone. WATCH THIS BARRIERS TO ACCESSING HOMEOWNERSHIP This webinar from the Urban Institute's Sunset Seminar series covers the findings of a report titled, "Barriers to Access Homeownership: Down Payment, Credit, and Affordability." In this seminar, a panel of experts look at the implica- tions for potential homebuyers and the positive steps to overcome the barriers to homeowner- ship listed in the report. The seminar also takes a closer look at why saving for a down payment is a key barrier to homeownership particularly for low- to moderate-income households along with sharing key data on the barriers that consum- ers face in accessing homeownership today. An expert panel that includes Jaya Dey, Quantitative Analytics Manager, Affordable Lending Analytics and Research, Freddie Mac, Janneke Ratcliffe, Assistant Director, Office of Financial Education, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Kathy Cummings, SVP of Homeownership Solutions and Affordable Housing Programs, Bank of America, and Marietta Rodriguez, President and CEO of NeighborWorks America, the seminar also high- lights future issues that homebuyers are likely to face in a changing market. TWEET THIS @MIKECRAPO The first quarter has been an eventful one for Banking Committee Chair Sen. Mike Crapo. Who released an outline for housing finance reform, the Senate Banking Committee actively pursued legislation and nominations that would impact the housing industry. "We must expeditiously fix our flawed housing finance system," Crapo said after releasing the outline. "My priorities are to estab- lish stronger levels of taxpayer protection, pre- serve the 30-year fixed rate mortgage, increase competition among mortgage guarantors, and promote access to affordable housing. I invite my Senate and House colleagues, the Administration and all interested stakeholders to work together to enact this critically needed reform."

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