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40 | M R EP O RT SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION: BEST IN COMPLIANCE GUIDE BRON, INC. KEY PERSONNEL Kevin Hamilton Owner and CEO Eric Moore Owner and COO Todd Imwold CAO CONTACT INFORMATION Todd Imwold 214.250.1750 COMPANY DESCRIPTION BRON, Inc. is a full-service provider specializing in property registrations (foreclosure, vacant, and REO), utilities, municipal violation curative, lien releases, corp advance reconciliation, and modification review. BRON's mission is to change the way a customer feels about dealing with its vendors and focus on building high-quality products. BRON does this by putting its associates first, so they care about the customer and constantly investing in its products. BRON Inc. is a national property registration and preservation compliance and fulfillment vendor work- ing with loan servicing companies, creditor attorneys, investors, and city ordinance code enforcement. KEY FEATURES & BENEFITS • Full-service provider • Compliance solutions • Property registration services: • Vacant and abandoned registration • Foreclosure registration • Pre-foreclosure registration • REO/post-sale registration • Rental registration • Full indemnification • Bond advance, tracking, and monitoring • Monthly inspections • NYDFS quarterly filings and updates • Enhanced visual and interactive reporting • Utility Services: • Utility certifications • Utility bill pay • Utility transfer and stop services • Violation curative services: • Code violations • Monitor and tracking of all curative steps and timelines • Loan modification services • Advance reconciliation services • Ability to re-index all invoices for simplicity in filing claims • Municipality lien release COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Bron registers properties for its client in its own name, and since it is not a property preserva- tion company, there are no conflicts of interest. All correspondence or attempts to contact regarding these services will be handled by BRON's' highly trained staff. Bron is led by a CEO, COO, and Senior Management Team, each with more than 20 years' experience in the loan servicing industry. BRON is a full-service provider, handling everything related to the property registration process such as inspection/ monitoring fees, NYDFS requirements, updates, and filings. BRON has a strong cultural foundation that focuses on client centricity and associate well-being. ADDED VALUE BRON brings peace of mind. Soon after clients switch to BRON, they become aware of how reliable and effective BRON's processes and services are. The indemnification provides the assurance that they are in good hands. A consolidated vendor that does not perform property preservation allows for greater freedom for servicers. In an industry where organizations are forced to abide by strict and ever-changing regulations, it can be a challenge to maintain the staff needed to keep on top of regulatory projects that have the potential to result in expensive legal consequences. These are the projects the BRON team aims to excel at by providing a valuable service that keeps our custom- ers in compliance. Modification Review—Ensuring that the loan modi- fication information in your system is accurate and matches the executed document can be a tedious task. BRON has developed a process to capture the key data elements, directly obtaining the information from the modification document and comparing it to the system data. The final deliverable provides valu- able documentation to confirm compliance, as well as a detailed road map to fix any and all data issues. Invoice/Advance Reconciliation—When acquiring non-performing or re-performing loans, a servicer must perform the necessary due diligence to ensure all advances on the loan are properly documented and all necessary backup is provided. The BRON system also has the ability to index the invoice im- ages so a claim is easier and more efficiently filed. • Full reporting, which details all transactions with insufficient backup • Ability to re-index all invoices for simplicity in filing claims • Identifies transactions that exceed investor allowable KEYS TO SUCCESS • Owners who put their employees before anything else. • A highly knowledgeable senior management team experienced in the servicing industry. • Great products that are continuously improved upon. • A strong corporate culture and a philosophy of the never-ending pursuit of perfection in everything BRON does.

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