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TH E M R EP O RT | 41 SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION: BEST IN COMPLIANCE GUIDE RES.NET KEY PERSONNEL Keith Guenther Founder/CEO Michael Bull CFO Angela Hurst SVP, Business Development Rob Pajon SVP, Marketing & Product CONTACT INFORMATION 25520 Commercentre Dr, Suite 150 Lake Forest, CA 92630 949.598.9920 COMPANY DESCRIPTION Since 2003, RES.NET has been providing flexible, award-winning technology to the mortgage bank- ing industry. Since maintaining operational flexibility is vital to longevity, the company's foundational architecture is consistently updated through regular sprint cycles and user-generated feedback. Along with client-specific customization, this design allows customers to save costs while centralizing data. BUSINESS LINES, SERVICES, AND PRODUCTS RES.NET offers an all-encompassing servicer tech- nology suite including REO Portal, Loss Mitigation Portal with Deed-In-Lieu & Short Sale modules, PropertyCure Portal, and Repair Tools for the Mortgage Banking Industry. By integrating enterprise features such as tasking, messaging, reporting, and document sharing with flexible customization offerings, RES.NET provides the industry with the efficiency and flexibility needed to stay relevant in today's ever changing real estate environment. KEY FEATURES & BENEFITS REO RES.NET's REO portal helps servicers remain compliant while maximizing productivity to liquidate distressed assets effectively. With direct access to integrated systems and thousands of certified ven- dors, the customizable REO Portal provides users with the ability to manage their REO pipeline through streamlined communication, tasking, offer/expense management, and centralizing data. Short Sale The Short Sale module allows servicers to manage their loss mitigation pipeline and close communica- tion gaps with their borrowers. Users can compile and negotiate offers, review purchase contracts, track deficiencies, and archive all borrower required documents in one place while increasing transpar- ency between all parties. Deed-in-Lieu The Deed-In-Lieu module expands the company's loss mitigation offerings and allows customers to pursue multiple paths through one system. Increase transparency and document collection by connecting directly to homeowners, foreclosure attorneys, and title vendors, as well as RES.NET's REO portal. PropertyCure The PropertyCure portal provides direct connectivity to property preservation companies and an intuitive work queue for each segment. Servicers can easily identify, track, and manage issues by exception for a variety of segments including utilities, bids, servic- ing errors, violations, registrations, inspections, and claims. Repairs Complete analysis reports for estimated repair costs and return on investment while easily tracking repairs bids, inspections/permits, estimated and actual completion of work, as well as repair expenses. With direct access through RES.NET's REO portal, it's never been easier for default servicers to enter the repair space. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE All RES.NET products are developed to enhance the daily operations of its customers. To this aim, the com- pany emphasizes on the foundational goals of flex- ibility and centralization. By adhering to these guiding objectives, RES.NET is able to consistently find new ways to provide value and efficiency for its end users. Flexibility Whether it's a result of business cycles, internal pro- cesses, or regulation, change is inevitable. RES.NET constantly undergoes system wide enhancements for the benefit of all users which ensure that the technology will grow alongside your specific business needs. The technology further allows you to change the way your system functions at any time without waiting on development cycles. Centralization RES.NET puts everything in one place, which elimi- nates busy work for your team and keeps your busi- ness prepared for potential audits at all times. The ability to message, task, and share your documents with connected partners ensures that your entire network is always on the same page. The company continues to grow as a servicer hub by consistently adding new complementary products and third-party integrations. These complementary tools and con- nected parties allow RES.NET customers to pursue, monitor, and report on multiple strategies all in one place.

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