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TH E M R EP O RT | 7 MTECH features such as pullback, in-line quality control, rich real-time reports, and a white-glove project management team for lender customer support. With multiple print-and-ship locations to support all time zones, CoreLogic assists with same-day print and ship ser- vices, e-delivery capabilities, and output return files nationwide. "CoreLogic is excited to ex- tend functionality for Mortgage Cadence clients by providing ac- cess to one of the most automated print and ship services in the in- dustry," said Sapan Bafna, Senior Leader for advanced delivery engines at CoreLogic. "Our com- prehensive reporting and clients- first project management approach helps facilitate enhanced levels of performance and efficiency." As a result of this integra- tion, ELC users simply press the "print and ship" button and automatically start the process, circumventing many traditional mailroom processes. Documents with compliance-driven delivery requirements as a result of TRID can be offered via the print-and- ship service. Lenders receive real- time reporting and secure receipt of shipping data, provided by the CoreLogic AuthoMail functional- ity. Mitigating Risks GATEWAY FIRST BANK IS USING A BLACK KNIGHT PLATFORM FOR GREATER ACCURACY IN ITS TRID COMPLIANCE EFFORTS. G ateway First Bank, one of the 10 largest banks by assets in Oklahoma, now uses Black Knight's Ernst Fee Service. Black Knight said that this enterprise solution provides lenders and settlement agents with accurate recording fees and taxes to assist a lender with its TRID compliance efforts. Gateway First Bank will use the fee and monitoring service to help mitigate risk associated with fee cures and enhance the consumer experience. "We needed a trusted pro- vider that could automate our fee and closing cost data to help us more accurately disclose fees to customers," said Whitney Barth, VP, Product Development Management for Gateway First Bank. "Fees frequently change during the loan process, and Black Knight's Ernst Fee Service lets us provide our customers with accu- rate fees based on the closing date and automatically update those fees within our loan origination system." Ernst Fee Service is used by lenders to minimize costly fee cures by providing accurate recording fees, transfer taxes, property tax, title, settlement, and inspection data. This enterprise- wide solution provides all relevant third-party vendor fees that are required on the loan estimate and closing disclosure. According to Black Knight, Gateway will further customize its use of Ernst Fee Service to manage its own proprietary fee data, while expos- ing fees and fee changes in a more automated way. "We are pleased to sup- port Gateway First Bank with advanced capabilities that will help improve the accu- racy of disclosures and better prevent fee cures," said Rich Gagliano, President, Black Knight Origination Technologies. "Black Knight's passion for accuracy

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