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M R EP O RT | 33 O R I G I NAT I O N S E R V I C I N G DATA G O V E R N M E N T S E C O N DA R Y M A R K E T ORIGINATION SPONSORED CONTENT Where Valuation Management Technology Is Going Global DMS' new valuation platform EVO-Res is positioned to revolutionize how lenders connect with vendors and deploy valuation technology. Could you describe the current valuation technology landscape? There has certainly been a lot of change in the mortgage industry in recent years when it comes to appraisals, especially with compliance, cost reduction, and an overall push towards efficiency in the appraisal supply chain. In the past, lenders had only two options: expensive systems that needed to be customized with a lengthy roll-out or out-of-the- box systems with no flexibility. Current valuation technology has advanced to the degree of ultimately offering lenders a tailored-fit solution requiring zero customizations, resulting in a distinctive competitive advantage for early adopters. How will Global DMS' new valuation platform assist lenders? We recently unveiled our new residential valuation platform at the MBA Annual convention in Austin, Texas, after several years in an R&D mode refining the platform. The platform is positioned to revolutionize the way in which lenders connect with and maintain vendors, communicate, utilize, and deploy valuation technology. More than anything, EVO-Res gives clients the ability to easily implement and change their valuation process independently without costly and time-consuming IT development projects. The platform leverages a role-based security model that defines each user's unique workflow that is 100% configurable, allowing rapid deployment at any organization. The EVO-Res user interface was designed in partnership with a variety of lenders and an independent UI Firm to ensure a remarkably intuitive and personalized user experience that drives tasks and instantly boosts productivity. What are the key functionalities EVO-Res offers? Everything begins with our commitment to configuration, personalized user dashboards, and task managers. EVO-Res users enjoy features like templated and branded communications as well as a state-of-the-art rule-based workflow engine to automate every function tailored to the lender's unique appraisal process from start to finish. For example, EVO-Res allows administrators to modify service request forms by easily adding, modifying, or deleting fields, labels, and sections. Not only are these changes easily made, but they are instantaneously applied and reportable. The platform's architecture is designed to produce an incredibly responsive system that supports the ability to deliver massive files simultaneously while providing the users with a stunning drag and drop interface. Evo-Res offers a meticulous approach to vendor management, order allocation, and accounting reconciliation. Appraisers are pre- screened automatically against the Federal Appraisal Subcommittee database to validate the validity of their license upon boarding and daily thereafter. Our system also has the most comprehensive self-serve approach to appraisal assignment ever developed with the ability to cascade assignment logic, allowing users to create an unlimited number of rulesets filtering by geography, vendor category, performance statistics, distance, and price. The ability to track fees, exchange financial data between departments, and easily reconcile accounts payables and receivables are more important than ever. EVO-Res supports comprehensive reporting, programmable-fee tables and import/export of accounts payable, and receivables to provide users audit-ready confidence, effortlessly. What else can we expect from EVO-Res? EVO-Res is the culmination of our company's 20 years of knowledge, significant financial investment, and commitment to excellence. In short, expect to see the best appraisal management product available for lenders anywhere. Lenders can expect an interface that they can navigate with almost no training and a fast, painless implementation that requires no developer participation. Today EVO-Res comes fully equipped with AVM ordering, Ellie Mae Encompass integration, and automated UDCP and EAD delivery. In 2020, expect numerous additional Loan Origination Systems (LOS) integrations, the ability to order flood products, and an online appraisal report form-filler for instituting custom bifurcated reports to cut cost and turn-times by over 50% for consumer lending. VLADIMIR BIEN-AIME is the President and CEO of Global DMS, the mortgage industry's leading provider of cloud-based, enterprise-class valuation management technology solutions.

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