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M R EP O RT | 7 MTECH the financial services industry. The division has also launched a COVID-19 resource center to provide businesses and law firms with international, federal, and state legislative updates. OptifiNow and DoublePositive Join Forces PARTNERSHIP PROVIDES INTEGRATED CALL CENTER SOLUTIONS FOR MORTGAGE LENDERS. O ptifiNow, a provider of cloud-based sales and marketing automation software, announced an integra- tion with call center solution provider DoublePositive. The integration enables mortgage lenders using the OptifiNow platform to seamlessly utilize DoublePositive outbound calling services in order to accelerate customer acquisition. "Partnering with OptifiNow made sense because our compa- nies are well aligned," said Conor Finch, Director of Client Services at DoublePositive. "We're both focused on enhancing the sales process for companies that engage with prospects over the phone, and we both have extensive expe- rience in the mortgage industry. Our combined solution makes it easy for lenders to quickly imple- ment an effective outbound sales strategy." The integration sends lead information from OptifiNow to DoublePositive, initiating a company's dialing strategy. DoublePositive utilizes eight domestic call centers owned and operated by DoublePositive to perform outbound communica- tions and connects engaged pros- pects to a company's internal sales team immediately via a three-way call. Bi-directional integration allows DoublePositive to post call results directly onto a lead record in OptifiNow. "OptifiNow's API was easy to work with, and their techni- cal team made the integration smooth," Finch said. "Many of our mortgage lending clients are facing increased volume at this time, so having an outbound call service to support their sales is essential. The integration between makes it easy for mortgage lenders to amplify their sales and marketing quickly and seamlessly." "Our goal is to provide the tools that companies need to execute effective sales and market- ing processes," said John McGee, CEO and founder of OptifiNow. "DoublePositive has the technology and service that allows our clients to reach their prospects and track results efficiently. We're proud to partner with DoublePositive." Allied Mortgage Group Using New Technology PARTNERSHIP WITH AI FOUNDRY TO DEVELOP ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE EMPLOYEE. A llied Mortgage Group, a full-service residential mortgage lender, an- nounced its partnership with AI Foundry, a provider of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. AI Foundry has collaborated with Allied to develop "ARTificial Intelligence Employee" (ARTIE). The initial post-closing phase significantly reduces the time-per-file from nearly an hour to just minutes. "This is a very exciting time for Allied as we begin leverag- ing cutting-edge technology to improve our business and increase efficiency," says Kyle Manseau, SVP of Operations at Allied. "This is just the beginning of an ongoing effort and high priority for our company to apply AI to other areas of our process." AI Foundry has developed advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning, and machine vision to create cognitive robots that review loans, improve the speed and efficiency of mortgage processing, and deliver automation to all areas of the lending process. This automation greatly reduces and, in some cases, even elimi- nates the need for a human touch, allowing operations staff to focus on the more complex areas of the loan process. Roy Chowdhury, President and CEO of Allied Mortgage Group said, "In our industry, it's important to always deliver the highest level of service possible to our clients. I am very encour- aged by the demonstrated results of ARTIE and how it has helped our overall process. We will con- tinue to explore what else AI will enable us to do as we strategically grow our business." Allied Mortgage Group has deployed AI Foundry's Document Indexing and Filing cognitive robot to accelerate processing, reduce costs, and remove human error when collecting and filing all the documents that support a mortgage loan. "Seeing our AI platform in production with a top lending organization such as Allied is a great testament to what our technology can do," said Steve Butler, President and founder, AI Foundry. "Allied has seen rapid improvements in the performance of the model and is now getting significant value from our Agile Mortgages solution. They are a great partner, and we look for- ward to helping them add more automation throughout their loan life-cycle to improve efficiency and reduce costs for each loan." "This is a unique moment in our nation's history to help leverage expert technology to expedite a speedy, efficient, and compliant process in accessing emergency funds for small businesses." — Steve Meirink, EVP and General Manager, Wolters Kluwer Compliance Solutions

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