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8 | M R EP O RT FROM THE SOURCE READ THIS≥ "LEADING WITHOUT AUTHORITY: HOW THE NEW POWER OF CO-ELEVATION CAN BREAK DOWN SILOS, TRANSFORM TEAMS, AND REINVENT COLLABORATION" by Keith Ferrazzi New York Times bestselling author Keith Ferrazzi redefines collaboration and business with a new workplace system where leadership no longer needs an office, an official title, and even a physical workplace. Ferrazzi uses more than a decade of experience and 30 years helping CEOs and leaders drive innovation and build high-performing teams. SHARE THIS UNIFYLE This program is a cloud storage management system that pairs with other services like DropBox, SugarSync, Access Box, and more. Unifyle also organizes emails from different providers, allowing user to view, send, and search across different accounts. TWEET THIS #UNEMPLOYED One of the most widespread impacts of COVID-19 has been the skyrocketing pace of unemployment. Since the virus caused the economy to halt in mid-March, more than 36 million Americans have lost their jobs, causing the unemployment rate to rise to 14.7%. WATCH THIS≥ THE CHALLENGES FACING NON-QM Five Star Global's DS5: Inside the Industry spoke to Aaron Samples, CEO of First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation. Samples discussed the trends, challenges, and struggles for the non-QM industry due to the impact of COVID-19. Samples also delve into why the industry is currently "paused." To view this video, please visit and search "DS5."

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