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42 | M R EP O RT INDUSTRY MVP SPOTLIGHT KEY PERSONNEL John Vella Chief Revenue Officer Brian Simon President LendersOne, Trelix, CastleLine Justin Vedder SVP, Enterprise Sales Ben Hall VP, Product CONTACT INFORMATION 860.432.5858 Altisource ® COMPANY DESCRIPTION Altisource offers access to mortgage and real estate solutions that help drive results. By combining industry best practices with leading-edge tech- nology, Altisource delivers innovative approaches to help mitigate risk in an ever-changing environment. KEY FEATURES & BENEFITS Altisource is a leader in providing services and technology for the mort- gage and real estate industries. With innovation as a guiding principle and a focus on compliance and exceptional service, Altisource provides a suite of customizable solutions that can help you automate and streamline processes while reducing your overall origination costs. From processing to closing, Altisource leverages its global workforce to help your business grow. Altisource's origination solutions include appraisals and valuations, mortgage fulfillment, insurance and risk management, title and settlement, and construction and vendor manage- ment. Altisource's origination fulfillment solu- tions provide both manual and web- enabled solutions. The company's teams can work directly in your LOS, providing a branded extension to your workforce. This allows Altisource to use your technology and work within your system to help alleviate any inter- ruption in your day-to-day processes. Altisource can also automate many routine tasks through the deployment of its web-enabled TrelixTM Connect platform. Altisource's suite of products can help you do more by reducing costs, growing product set, and improving execution. Maximize Capacity Management: Trelix can help you to quickly scale to con- stantly fluctuating business demands by providing a global supplemental team of skilled mortgage fulfillment associates. • Lower Costs: Save 30% per originated loan with Trelix, which connects with 300-plus mortgage banking lenders every day and helps mitigate risks, increase ef- ficiency, and reduce costs.* • Manage Risk: Insure pools of loans with CastleLine ® Certified Loan Program that helps protect customers from losses arising from loan manufacturing defects and more with $300-plus billion insured to date. * • Increase Closing Efficiencies: Premium Title™ helps you close loans faster and helps reduce ex- posure to risk with 99.9% of trans- action disbursements completed within one day of funding. ** • Chose Alternative Valuations: With Springhouse®, solve complex and alternative valuation require- ments with 3.95 million valuations to date. *** • Simplify Construction Lending: Construction Title Pro ® , powered by Premium Title and Granite Risk Management™, built to standardize order placement, expedite delivery, and simplify status tracking that can result in cost savings of 30%. • Mitigate Third-Party Risk: Overseeing 60,000 vendors an- nually, Vendorly ® can help you manage increasing regulatory requirements with their suite of ser- vices to streamline due diligence, document maintenance, third- party monitoring, and audits. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE • An end-to-end solution: Work with one vendor throughout the origination process to help increase productivity and reduce costs. • Customizable options: Origination solutions that work the way you do with variable pricing options to help reduce your fixed costs. • Faster turnaround times: Altisource's global workforce is available around the clock to help you be more efficient. • Breadth of network: A unique suite of complementary solutions and services with the ability to leverage your relationships to help maintain current best practices and industry knowledge. • Vendor management platform: Our proprietary software, designed by experienced mortgage profes- sionals and supported by an internal team with CMB, CTPRP, CISA, CRMA, and CRVPM compliance designations. ADDED VALUE • Nationwide footprint with expertise across state lines to help support your business needs • Assembly-line approach to manu- facturing loans with several quality checkpoints helps ensure that each component aligns with the client's process • Works in the background while your staff has more time to build relationships KEYS TO SUCCESS Altisource works closely with you during implementation to understand your business processes and help offer the right combination of services for you to grow your business. AWARDS & ACCOLADES • Trelix is an approved third-party due diligence provider for U.S. resi- dential mortgage-backed securities by Standard & Poor's. • Vendorly is a 2018 HousingWire Tech 100 winner for their SaaS- based third-party risk management oversight platform. * For active refinance and reverse clients who closed more than 25 files in one or more months; during Q2-2020 (Origination). Excludes states requiring recording confirmation prior to policy issuance. ** Total valuations completed from January 2012 to June 2020.

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