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4 | TH E M R EP O RT MTECH New Names, New Tech From rebrands of well-known entities to exciting new tech developments, here's what's helping take mortgage to the next level. Rocketing to New Horizons QUICKEN LOANS MORTGAGE SERVICES REBRANDS TO ROCKET PRO TPO. Q uicken Loans Mortgage Services (QLMS), the fastest growing mortgage lender serving brokers, community banks, and credit unions, announced a complete rebrand and with it will come a massive step forward in the technologies and services it of- fers partners. QLMS will become Rocket Pro TPO (TPO representing "third-party origination"), to closer align with Rocket Mortgage—the brand that has become ubiquitous in the mortgage lending space. This move gives its partners the opportunity to leverage the equity of the strongest name in personal finance, while accessing an entirely new suite of industry- revolutionizing technologies. "Through the thousands of conversations we have had with our partners, we know brokers want cutting edge technology, marketing support, and more referrals. QLMS is now aligning with the Rocket brand—the most recognizable mortgage brand in the country—and giving partners the ability to use it in their mar- keting to assist more Americans," said Austin Niemiec, EVP of the soon-to-be-named Rocket Pro TPO. "We have spent billions of dollars in the development and marketing of the Rocket platform which we are now delivering directly to brokers to leverage and grow their business." Partners will have access to exclusive and powerful Rocket technology. The lender is build- ing an entirely new white-labeled, broker-branded origination hub which will provide seamless eSignature technology, unmatched visibility into loan status, and the ability for applicants to directly upload loan documents. Additionally, partners will have the ability to leverage the extreme- ly well-known Rocket Mortgage name through co-branding, as well as tie into leads generated by its national and local advertising. By leaning on this, brokers can capitalize on the $5 billion Rocket Mortgage has spent on market- ing since its inception—making it clear to their clients they have the power of Rocket with the expertise and local knowledge of a broker. These services will be available to all approved partners free-of-charge. Rocket Pro TPO also partnered with Google to create and unveil PathFinder, which is the integra- tion and reimagination of many of its most popular tools into one centralized location. It combines popular resources like Guru, a search engine for mortgage origination; and The Answer, an award-winning tech tool powered by Google search which provides solutions to all mortgage guideline questions, into a completely new technology to put the power of thousands of underwriters into every broker's office. Since every second counts for the broker community, Rocket Pro TPO added additional features to PathFinder which are solely focused on decreasing the amount of time partners spend searching for answers to various complexities throughout the mortgage process. This includes a BPMI calculator, Title Gadget—to help partners find all their title needs in mere seconds—and much more. "Rocket Mortgage has truly set itself apart from the rest of the industry because we have taken an incredibly difficult and labor- intensive process and distilled it into a simple technology platform that allows clients—and now our partners—to have unmatched visibility and communication," said Bob Walters, President and COO of Rocket Mortgage. "As we continued to grow and evolve our business, we always looked forward to the day when we could extend its reach to our broker partners, who play such an important role in helping clients achieve the American Dream of homeownership." Rocket Pro TPO is celebrat- ing this new chapter by doubling down on its commitment to its partners. To start, the company will be sharing an unprecedented 10,000 purchase leads with its net- work. This serves as an introduc- tion to the value Rocket Pro TPO brings to the broker community, as well as the new ecosystem of lead share that will continue to develop over time. In addition to increased access to marketing materials, a co- branded experience for borrowers and new technology, the lender is creating its exclusive Rocket Pro Referral network. This platform will connect partners to an entirely new network where they can build relationships, look for op- portunities, and obtain leads. This encourages consumer-facing influ- encers to submit a client's informa- tion and send it to their preferred loan originator to complete the mortgage process. Through Rocket Pro Referral, real estate agents will be able to maintain visibility into their clients' loans, and mortgage brokers will receive more ready- to-transact borrowers referred to them on a platform that stream- lines the origination process. "Technology is evolving, as is the way consumers shop for homes and get their financ- ing. QLMS has a rich history of always blazing new trails. Moving forward as Rocket Pro TPO, we are excited to share our industry- leading brand and technology with partners. No other lender can offer this level of investment in innovation which continues to revolutionize home financ- ing. We are excited to now put this powerful origination system, and all the supporting elements, squarely at the fingertips of our growing list of partners across the

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