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4 | M R EP O RT MTECH New Ways Forward From eClosings to workflow enhancements and cloud solutions, here are some of the ways the industry is innovating. Encompassing Innovation ICE MORTGAGE TECHNOLOGY ANNOUNCES ENCOMPASS ENHANCEMENTS TO INCREASE LENDER PRODUCTIVITY ACROSS LENDING AND INVESTING WORKFLOWS. E llie Mae, a cloud-based platform provider for the mortgage finance industry, and now ICE Mort- gage Technology, a division of Intercontinental Exchange, Inc., announced the Encompass 20.2 Major Release will include en - hancements for lenders to boost productivity across lending and investing workflows. "We are constantly innovat- ing to deliver more automation to fuel the digital mortgage on behalf of our lenders," said Joe Tyrrell, President, ICE Mortgage Technology. "With this major release of Encompass, we are providing new levels of automated service ordering, efficient, and collaborative workflows and the foundation for our hybrid eClos - ing which we are launching in just a few weeks. This is mis- sion critical for lenders, especially when they are experiencing peak volumes, remote workforces, and homebuyers seeking high tech capabilities with human touch availability." Enhanced Condition Management: This major en - hancement offers lenders flex- ibility to support an omnichannel approach and the ability to design around business process terms and workflows for a better user experience. These condi- tions are available in Encompass, Encompass LO Connect, and Encompass TPO Connect. Specifically: Updated functionality provides a more flexible, lender-config- urable model that can support omnichannel business models Offers enhanced administra- tive tools to manage condition templates Supports more granular options for condition management controls Extends APIs to support external workflow engines Reimagined Document Management: The new release focuses on reducing the time it takes for lenders to save and open loans as well as how lenders order and manage documents. The new document viewer with cloud storage functionality further contributes to gaining efficien - cies when managing documents. Specifically: Improved Performance: The new document viewer leverages cloud infrastructure and performs automatic document conversa - tion, resulting in up to 5x faster uploads and instantaneous view- ing of pages. Lenders no longer need to wait for the entire file to convert before viewing. New Experience and Editing Options: The new document viewer has no third-party depen - dencies and offers a modern look and feel, including side-by-side data and document comparison. New Encompass Developer Connect v3 APIs: The new document management workflow and document viewer leverage v3 of the Encompass Developer Connect eFolder Attachment APIs. These APIs are backward compatible to Encompass in- stances and are more efficient, secure, and utilize cloud storage. The APIs are available today at "Our pilot lenders who have already been using these en - hanced capabilities have provided great feedback on their impact, speed, and performance," Tyrrell continued. "They were impressed by the lightning upload speed and viewing performance improve - ments, they loved the modern look and feel, and appreciated the omnichannel business model support for greater flexibility. We look forward to continuing to support our Encompass lenders by providing them the automation and innovation they need to drive their businesses forward." First American Docutech Integrates with Ellie Mae's Encompass LENDERS CAN NOW IMPLEMENT DYNAMIC DOCUMENT GENERATION AND ECLOSING FASTER. F irst American Docutech, a provider of document, eSign, eClose, and digital- to-print fulfillment technology, and a member of the First American family of companies, announced a new streamlined integration with Encompass loan origination software by Ellie Mae. With the integration, Encompass lenders can acceler - ate their closing process by eas- ily implementing First Ameri- can Docutech's suite of digital mortgage and closing solutions. The integration seamlessly updates key disclosure tracking fields and automatically delivers documents into Encompass. "Lenders of all sizes are focus- ing on digitizing as much of their loan process as possible to optimize the borrower experi- ence, maximize loan production, and reduce costs," said Amy

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