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6 | M R EP O RT the mortgage industry. Mortgage lenders that reach out to AXIS Lending Academy for new talent will receive candidates who are trained in modern-day mortgage operations and who will help them achieve better diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). By hiring highly trained people who are new to the industry instead of spending large salaries and signing bonuses on veteran talent, AXIS Lending Academy will also help mortgage lenders lower the costs of originating loans. "Because AXIS graduates will have no previous experience in the mortgage industry, they will bring new perspective and help us move the industry forward," AXIS Lending Academy Co- Founder and Chair Paul Gigliotti said. "AXIS will also help mort- gage lenders build workforces that reflect greater diversity—not just racial diversity, but diversity among sexual orientation, culture, and religion. Having known the feeling of exclusion because of my own sexual orientation, I want to help make the mortgage industry a more inclusive place and encourage new ways of doing business." AXIS Lending Academy will be educating individuals who are seek- ing new careers, whether they were in industries that were hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic or come from low-income communities. In addition to job training, students will receive education in personal financial planning to prepare them to become homeowners themselves. They will also receive wellness training so they are prepared for their new career in mind, body, and soul. Graduates will be offered paid internships and receive job place- ment assistance. "As the first person in my family with some form of formal education, I understand how important education is to one's career," AXIS Lending Academy EVP Bianca Broos said. "Participating in the housing industry has also transformed my earning potential and changed the trajectory of my life, and I'm thrilled to be able to offer others the same opportunities." Stepping Up CRM TOP OF MIND ANNOUNCES NEW LO-CRM OFFERING. T op of Mind Networks has launched its Surefire CRM Retention Center, an online retention gift store that enables loan originators to curate a gift-receiving experi- ence for clients in lieu of or in addition to corporate-level client retention initiatives. Within the Retention Center, LOs can build automated reten- tion gift campaigns based on rules such as loan type (refinance or purchase), loan amount, and occasion. Once a retention gift campaign has been activated, Top of Mind customizes, packages, and ships the retention gift to its recipient. Retention Center gift options include bamboo cutting boards, premium whole-bean cof- fee, a self-inking address stamper, and dynamic birthday cards. "There are innumerable stud- ies that illustrate how customer retention is a critical component of company growth. Retaining customers is less expensive than acquiring new ones, and loyal customers are more likely to spend more and refer family and friends," Top of Mind Chief Revenue Officer Nick Belenky said. "We launched the Retention Center to help lenders strengthen borrower repeat business with unique gifting opportunities that make clients feel valued and help originators stay 'top of mind.'" Breaking New Ground LOANDEPOT AND LGI HOMES DEBUT LGI MORTGAGE SOLUTIONS. l LLC and LGI Homes have established a new joint venture partner- ship named LGI Mortgage Solutions. "LGI Mortgage Solutions is a robust partnership between two best-in-class companies with well-matched values and qual- ity standards," said Dan Peña, EVP of National Joint Ventures for loanDepot. "Having been a preferred lender with LGI Homes since 2015, we have been extreme- ly impressed by each other's abil- ity to scale while still delivering industry-leading customer service." Kirk Hudson will serve as the President of LGI Mortgage Solutions, which will operate in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington, and Washington, D.C. "The seamless borrowing experience offered by loanDepot through its mello technology ensures that our customers will enjoy an exceptional homebuying experience from first visit through loan close," said Mike Snider, President and COO at LGI Homes. "This partnership is an optimal pairing of two world-class companies who are both focused on delivering the best of the best for our customers." New RON Partnership DOTLOOP AND NOTARIZE ADVANCE TOWARD A FULLY DIGITAL EXPERIENCE. D otloop and Notarize have announced a partnership to enable remote online notarization (RON) for real estate agents and their clients. The part- nership opens the door to a simple, streamlined real estate transaction, with clients now able to easily get their documents notarized quickly, 24/7, from anywhere. The integration empowers agents with tools they need to provide a superior client experi- ence. Within dotloop's transaction management system, an agent can initiate a request for a RON meeting within the Notarize platform, which includes remote identity proofing and an audio- video session with a commis- sioned notary. There is no need to exit or interrupt workflows to add notarization capabilities to contract processes. Dotloop clients will have access to a best-in-class, compliant MISMO RON standard certified, industry-leading remote online notarization experience. Once the transaction is completed, the notarized document is auto- matically updated in dotloop. "The Notarize partnership of- fers the ultimate convenience for "There are innumerable studies that illustrate how customer retention is a critical component of company growth. Retaining customers is less expensive than acquiring new ones, and loyal customers are more likely to spend more and refer family and friends." —Dan Peña, EVP of National Joint Ventures, loanDepot MTECH

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