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18 | M R EP O RT FEATURE O ver the years and throughout roles, people often receive something that sticks with them, and which helps them become the leader or employee they strive to be. Whether it is excellent advisors, managers, and men- tors, or a book, leadership course, and so on, there is always a source to greatness. For those in leadership roles, the goal is to strive toward becoming that person for your team: a confidant and advisor, as well as the person to lean on when they're facing challenges. As a leader, there are many lessons to be learned and carried on to your team. It's time to look at your arsenal to confirm that you are doing your best and instilling the best in your group. With that said, let's discuss some methods for being a great leader, guiding great future leaders, and the tools along the way that help with making game-changers and creating a significant impact on the team and the business as a whole. Top Three Pieces of Advice O ver the years, you will learn many lessons, but only a few stick with you throughout your career. Both inside and outside of the office, whether it is through great managers, mentors, colleagues, or close friends, there are some great pieces of advice. Here are three that can apply no matter what position you hold: 1. Treat Others How You Want to be Treated Regardless of industry, one piece of advice ap- plies to everyone: treat people the way you want to be treated. Through this golden rule, success is essentially inevitable. It is about the task at hand and making sure everyone is spoken to and treated respectfully. The more generosity and kindness you put into something, the more you will get back. People remember how people present themselves and how they treat others. If treated with respect, you will get more out of your managers, colleagues, employees, and anyone else you work with. Gamechangers: Leadership Advice and Tools That Enhance Careers It's time to look at your arsenal to confirm that you are instilling the best in your team. By Anne Cassedy

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