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6 | M R EP O RT "Farm Bureau Mortgage brings great value to our customers, and loanDepot's technology ensures a seamless and straightforward transaction that will enable them to achieve their dreams of home- ownership on their terms." Marketing Takes Aim TOP OF MIND ENHANCES LENDERS' MARKETING EFFORTS. T op of Mind Networks has announced the launch of Surefire Creative, an online library of marketing collateral designed to supplement mortgage lenders' prospect, client, and part- ner marketing programs. The collection of on-demand email, video, and interactive content, available as a subscrip- tion service, is hand-selected by mortgage industry experts from the full content library available to Top of Mind's Surefire CRM customers. Surefire Creative collateral reflects each lender's unique brand and can be easily customized with loan officer and referral part- ner details. Each piece of content is designed to nurture lenders' relationships with customers. Surefire Creative's English- and Spanish-language content includes loan calculators and interactives personalized on the fly for each borrower. "Top of Mind's reputation for award-winning content that drives customer engagement has created a widespread demand for access to our collateral library," Top of Mind CEO Erik Enright said. "Whether you're an enter- prise lender or running a small team, Surefire Creative is the tool you need to access highly person- alized, highly scalable campaigns that will help you grow your business." Top of Mind's creative content has earned recognition in multiple internationally renowned award programs, including the AVA Digital Awards, the Telly Awards, and the Hermes Creative Awards. Maintaining Digital Compliance MAXWELL LAUNCHES NEW DUE DILIGENCE AND QC SERVICE. M axwell has released MaxDiligence, a new offering that provides due diligence and quality control services for its clients. The latest feature in Maxwell's suite of tools designed for community lenders, MaxDiligence is a way to gain efficiency and generate reliable re- sults, using tech-powered features alongside an experienced team of industry veterans. Through MaxDiligence, lend- ers using the service gain access to Maxwell's staff of seasoned underwriting professionals with a diverse background of loan ex- perience. Maxwell's Point of Sale technology recently surpassed $6 billion in monthly loan volume. "The launch of MaxDiligence is a significant step towards an all- inclusive solution for our clients," Maxwell President Brian Simons said. "Maxwell continues to grow beyond a point-of-sale solutions provider, anticipating and solving the daily challenges community lenders face in the market today. Community lenders have histori- cally been underserved in these offerings, and more recently, lenders both large and small are feeling the pressure with large backlogs in diligence services. MaxDiligence, will provide a significant value, using automa- tion to help our clients focus on streamlining their process." Property Research Resource in the Clouds ATTOM TO ALLOW ACCESS TO ITS DATA VIA THE CLOUD. A TTOM has launched ATTOM Cloud, a cloud- based platform that pro- vides immediate access to high- quality curated property data. ATTOM Cloud allows customers to focus more time on extracting value from property data, and less on complex data management processes and infrastructure. "Unlocking the power of data requires accessing it quickly and managing it well, which is becoming increasingly difficult," said ATTOM Chief Technology Officer Todd Teta. "In our space, many competitors promise im- mediate and consistent access to property data, but we're doing more than that–we're actu- ally delivering it. We developed ATTOM Cloud to give our cus- tomers immediate access to data, streamed directly from our data warehouse in a platform that can grow with their needs." ATTOM customers have the option of registering for a 30-day, limited trial of ATTOM Cloud, which includes five pre-selected geographies. Once connected, ATTOM continuously administers and updates the data for custom- ers, eliminating any need for data loading, updating, or management on the customers' part. ATTOM Cloud complements traditional delivery models, such as flat files and APIs that require data mapping or software integra- tion in order to use. It supports standard interfaces for connect- ing to data, so existing tools and technologies can be used. ATTOM Cloud also includes data discovery features, and a support ecosystem that helps customers find, evaluate, and use the data. "ATTOM Cloud is the exten- sible platform of choice on which to base your new real estate data project as it can be tailored to meet your needs, whether your application is supporting a website or serving as the hub of a data science project," ATTOM Chief Data Officer Richard Sawicky said. "The fundamental principle of our design is to ensure that customers have access to the most current and accurate data available." Enhancing Digital Mortgages TAVANT AND LOANBEAM PARTNER TO ENHANCE DIGITAL MORTGAGES. T avant, a provider of AI- powered digital lending technologies, has an- nounced a partnership with LoanBeam to further enhance the digital mortgage experi- ence with automated borrower "Unlocking the power of data requires accessing it quickly and managing it well, which is becoming increasingly difficult." —Todd Teta, Chief Technology Officer, ATTOM MTECH

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