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M R EP O RT | 27 What Others Are Saying "Ambitious and dedicated, Amy has been a pillar in Bron's development from her first days with the company. Her dedication to the client experience for all Bron clients has resulted in unique, memorable, and genuine building of relationships, creating new and exciting opportunities for business growth. Amy's presence brings unmatched joy to the room and her reach does not stop at the client level. Her razor-sharp attention to detail and wide range of industry knowledge serves as an inspiration to her team, resulting in top talent development for those under her wing. Amy is, undeniably, a key player in Bron's success." What does this nomination mean to you and what makes you a good pick for this category? Being recognized as a finalist for the Rising Star Executive is a tremendous honor. As a finalist, I am elated to be among a group of professionals who value the work that we do and strive to positively impact the industry as it continues to evolve. Working at Bron, not only do I get the opportunity to make a difference to our clients, but on a day-to-day basis, I get to see the positive effects of what we do for our communities. I strive each day to deliver exceptional service as I understand what we do also affects the reputation of our whole industry on the perceptions of all the communities in which we live and work. For me, this is not only rewarding but also shows how even my role in a smaller company makes an impact to everyone. As I continue to learn, engage, and develop skills needed to succeed in this industry, I strive to develop those around me and ensure the success of our clients. I am honored to have a new network of women who I can collaborate with as I continue my professional journey. I am looking forward to continuing my education and knowledge to succeed. What Others Are Saying "Madeline is a true leader who brings a considered and thoughtful approach to leadership. She is an absolute expert but is also always open-minded and willing to brainstorm and learn. Madeline is solution-focused and inspires and motivates her team and all those that work with her to embrace problem-solving creativity. Madeline's clear insight and guiding vision have garnered the respect and admiration of her team and community. Those that have the privilege of working with Madeline frequently note that her impact creates an environment filled with greater support, engagement, and confidence. Madeline's reach goes beyond her team as well, as her leadership style makes all feel welcomed, involved, and self-assured of collective success." What does this nomination mean to you and what makes you a good pick for this category? I am humbled to be a finalist for the 2021 Women in Housing Rising Star Executive Award. To be a finalist is even more gratifying knowing how many hard-working women serve as our peers. I strive through my leadership to inspire and support others to meet their potential and to provide exceptional service to our clients. I have had the privilege of leading high performing departments with a hands-on approach while adapting to the large portfolio growth we have seen at Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing. No one individual can make an organization run successfully. However, a strong leader can inspire those around them to drive progress wholistically as an organization. To me, leadership is about inspiring others and setting a positive example, which I strive for daily. What Others Are Saying "With 17 years of experience, Candace has become an industry subject-matter expert in property acquisition, development and procurement, risk mitigation, and the management of a high-volume portfolio of government assets. She is particularly skilled at relationship building, realizing the value of long- term connections whether clients or staff. As VP at Carrington, Candace increased conveyance by over 30% and reduced reconveyances by 50% year-over-year, increased functional efficiencies to perform in the 90+% or a gain on efficiency at over 10% year-over-year. She also established determination for loss reserve accounting related to counter-party risk and compliance." What does this nomination mean to you and what makes you a good pick for this category? I received the notification about this nomination about 24 hours after giving birth to my first child. I was overwhelmed as all my quiet fears of removing myself from work for this task and being a working mother crashed into the kindness and validation that comes from finding out someone has nominated you for this kind of recognition. I cried with realization that the work I do and the friends and connections I have made in this industry are not just limited to my work life but spill into the personal and create an immense amount of satisfaction for my life. The Rising Star Executive award nomination offers me the opportunity to wrestle with my southern upbringing on being humble and my business experience of owning successes. That is what I will claim towards my nomination: pride and humility bound together in what I do. I am proud of my work in the default and policy space. I love what I do and the people I work with. I have a belief that I can make a difference not only in policy but within the lives of those around me within my sphere of influence. For all these reasons, I am proud to be nominated. Amy Lee Director of Client Experience, Bron Inc. Madeline Polskin Director of Bankruptcy, Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Candace Russell VP, Carrington Mortgage

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