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M R EP O RT | 29 What Others Are Saying "Not every leader could rally her team— along with the rest of the company, its largest competitor, and a joint venture—for a highly scrutinized exercise of their business resiliency plans while in the middle of an actual, unrelated crisis, but that's exactly what Nita Kohli did this year. Kohli is VP and Head of Operational Resilience for Freddie Mac. While ensuring that Freddie Mac could operate remotely throughout the global pandemic, she also organized a successful table-top crisis response exercise that simulated a ransomware attack on a Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae joint venture that administers the uniform mortgage-backed security." What does this nomination mean to you and what makes you a good pick for this category? This nomination is important to me because it recognizes that there is a large and critical structure of technology and operations underlying the U.S. housing finance system, and more than ever, that system relies on the leadership of women. Freddie Mac played a crucial role in helping the United States economy—not to mention homeowners, multifamily property owners, and renters— weather a pandemic related downturn. We accomplished that partly due to our ability to put our technology and operations business resilience plans into play so that thousands of staff could move to remote work and seamlessly continue our mission of providing liquidity, stability, and affordability to the housing finance market, while helping millions of at-risk families remain in their homes. What Others Are Saying "Traci is a leader that sees the forest. She invests in excellence in both the larger team and every individual. Traci is an innovator who blazes new trails before others can even see the need. Traci works hard, and her teams know that she will be the first one in, the last light out, and by their side all the way. Traci's commitment to our industry is strong and enduring. Traci's steadfast leadership truly sets the bar and makes us all better." What does this nomination mean to you and what makes you a good pick for this category? It is such an honor being recognized as a finalist for the 2021 Women in Housing Excellence in Leadership award. When I started in this industry 27 years ago, there were many times that I was the only woman sitting in the boardroom, but I never wavered in my determination. Being a female role model has been a rewarding aspect of my career with many large banks and servicers. I have enjoyed sharing my insights and experiences with future generations of women in mortgage banking. I feel that, as a leader, I have a duty to support and uplift others, to offer guidance and direction while being a voice of positive influence. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a fellow woman excel and reach new heights in her career. Shellpoint has afforded me the ability to grow my career, institute innovative solutions, and given me the tools to develop and mentor staff. It is humbling to be recognized for my support of women in the industry over the years. I have always lived by this quote: "Your value will not be what you know; it will be what you share."- Ginni Rometty CEO, IBM. What Others Are Saying "COVID-19 volume required an automated approach to manage natural disasters. Early decisions around automation helped PHH support our borrowers and aided in setting a high bar for our competitors. Providing easy, self-serve options notifying about COVID-19 impact, establishing temporary forbearance plans via the IVR, a website email address, and a form. An automated process gathered the borrower requests and set-up the forbearance in the servicing system. And, arming our agents with updated information through our CMS scripting tool assisted us to address borrower needs with ease and treating them with care and compassion, as reflected in our high NPS scores." What does this nomination mean to you and what makes you a good pick for this category? I have the pleasure of working for and with some fantastic women whose outstanding leadership qualities create a culture and an environment at Ocwen where I can be my best self. I am grateful and honored to be nominated for an award that recognizes women who have demonstrated exemplary leadership and I am humbled that I was chosen when I stand in such great company. I think I would be a great pick for this category because of my passion for mentoring and my internal desire to never quit. This recognition alone will not be the end for me or the cherry on top of my career but will be the fuel to my fire to help others achieve their own leadership milestones in hopes that they will in turn positively impact our organization through sustaining and growing the inclusive and supportive environment at Ocwen. Nita Kohli VP and Head of Operational Resilience, Freddie Mac Traci Luckhaupt VP of Foreclosure and Bankruptcy, Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Sheri Robinson VP, Customer Care Center, PHH Mortage

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