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30 | M R EP O RT An MReport Issue Featuring Five Star Conference's Awards Finalists What Others Are Saying "Jenna Evans is the Executive Sponsor of Ocwen's Global Women's Network (OGWN), an affinity group whose mission is to support recruitment, development, and retention initiatives for women. In addition to serving as a mentor for fellow female employees as part of OGWN's mentorship program, Jenna also participates as a panelist in various OGWN-hosted events, most recently as part of an Executive Panel Discussion in honor of International Women's Day, during which she and the other panelists shared advice on how to overcome career challenges and unconscious bias and how to enhance gender diversity and equality in the workplace." What does this nomination mean to you and what makes you a good pick for this category? It's such an honor to be nominated for the Excellence in Mentorship award. This category is particularly near and dear to my heart as I'm deeply committed to championing principles of diversity and equity, as a member of Ocwen's Diversity & Inclusion Committee and as the Executive Sponsor of the Ocwen Global Women's Network, an affinity group whose mission is to support recruitment, development, and retention initiatives for women. I've been so privileged to serve as a mentor at Ocwen, whether in a one-on- one setting or in a larger setting via symposia and other group discussions. It's my belief that one of the most valuable tools that women can use to support other women is mentorship, as it's a way to pass on not only knowledge and advice, but also inspiration and, perhaps most importantly, confidence. However, the experience is equally rewarding for the mentor, and I've so enjoyed having the opportunity to play even the smallest role in helping other women achieve their goals. What Others Are Saying "Samantha has mentored many new-to-industry team members across the multiple companies that she has worked at over her 10-year career. In the past year, she helped launch the Pulse Council that creatively pairs high-potential team members with a diverse set of people across the company to ensure they are provided mentorship, executive visibility, and learning of ideation to execution. This team she shepherded saw a 55% promotion rate YOY due to her deliberate pairings of mentors." What does this nomination mean to you and what makes you a good pick for this category? I feel humbled to be nominated for this prestigious award in a category that means so much to me. Mentorship is a key part of my professional mission, and I am so grateful that FGMC prioritizes the learning and development of employees so that I can have an impact on the next generation of female mortgage industry leaders. As a co-founder of FGMC's Pulse program, I have been able to reach people across the organization with opportunities to improve their leadership skills and industry knowledge by hearing other's perspectives in our Speaker Series, gaining valuable leadership insights during development sessions, and having executive exposure through our Pulse Council. By providing employees with a platform for growth and demonstrating the importance of mentorship, I hope to contribute to the women at FGMC's advancement on their career journey. It is an honor to help shape the future of the industry and show the mentors of tomorrow what is possible. The Excellence in Mentorship Award Jenna Evans SVP and Deputy General Counsel, Regulatory Affairs, Ocwen Financial Corporation Samantha Funderburg AVP Employee Programs, First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation we are one This award recognizes women executives who have gone the extra mile to pass on their knowledge and "pay it forward" by helping guide the next generation of female mortgage leaders.

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