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M R EP O RT | 33 What Others Are Saying "Amidst uncertainty, Sophie Kim set out to break the business iron curtain by talking about everything. She took action and focused on our people—saving jobs and creating a safe space. Kim increased diversity among CIVIC, elevating females into leadership positions, resulting in a 50/50 male/female workforce. She advocated for holidays otherwise not recognized by the company, introduced anonymous employee surveys, and established a parent roundtable to discuss work/life balance during COVID— ultimately creating a powerful CIVIC Parents Video for the company that resulted in empathy and better understanding of teammates, allowing patience, flexibility and teamwork for all." What does this nomination mean to you and what makes you a good pick for this category? Both of my parents left a war-torn country to come to America. Because of all the things they endured, as a first-generation immigrant, I have a deep commitment to be successful in creating opportunities for others like the one provided for me. I try and impart that to every person at CIVIC. Everyone has their own story, and everyone has the right to be in a workplace where they have the space and freedom to do their best. So, with the thousands of stories at CIVIC, I want everyone's time here to be well worth it. We want everyone to be able to feel like they can be themselves, not a cookie-cutter perception of what a lending professional is. We embrace the unique stories of all our team members and encourage them to share them. By bringing their best version of self to mix in with all the different people, that will take CIVIC further, together. With that said, the notions of diversity and inclusion are pivotal to CIVIC's success. This recognition by Women in Housing makes me hopeful for this outlook to spread within our industry, and to be named Diversity & Inclusion Champion would be an absolute honor. What Others Are Saying "As a woman in a very competitive industry, Melissa teams together brilliantly with her staff to exemplify the power of a servant approach and a lead-by-example environment. She never asks anyone to do work she isn't willing to do herself. She provides the tools, training, and personal encouragement needed from a leader. It is rare to find someone in her position who is willing to put on the blue-collar hat and get to work with her team of professionals." What does this nomination mean to you and what makes you a good pick for this category? I'm moved by this nomination because in the world of awards, the Women in Housing Awards look far beyond performance as we usually think of it. Here, people are the first concern—a bold affirmation of the values that bring me to work every day. In my role as President and Co- Founder of PacRes, my most important goal is to develop a workplace culture that not only builds highly productive and satisfied employees but also one that creates opportunity and success for all the faces among us—women and men alike, of all colors, and all ways of life. I hope to be known as a passionate advocate—one who takes an uncompromising approach about matters of excellence and a no-effort-spared ethic when it comes to helping people achieve their goals. I started in the mortgage industry in 1993 and played a key role in the growth and evolution of the largest and highest-producing mortgage company in the state of Oregon. What I learned from that experience and have carried with me ever since is that to succeed, you start with dedication to those closest to you. Next, you serve your clients with relentless dedication— seeking their highest interest and earning trust by keeping a guardian mindset about their financial lives. Values drive value. What Others Are Saying "A culture carrier and advocate for employees, Lynley VanSingel leads FGMC's Learning & Employee Experience team by storm. Her commitment to authenticity and learning initiatives have led to a robust corporate employee experience initiative, a community partnership with CASA, and increased retention at the firm. Lynley is also a strong advocate for diversity in leadership and company transparency. Her compassionate but fierce leadership has been inspirational in the firm and throughout her over 15 years in the mortgage industry." What does this nomination mean to you and what makes you a good pick for this category? This nomination is both humbling and a challenge that I accept to continue the work of promoting diversity, inclusion, and belonging in the mortgage industry. Years ago, I deliberately chose to use my sphere of influence to curate teams that find strength in diversity. I take pride in choosing to surround myself with people who don't look or think like me. The people I hire, promote, and advocate for are different than those that greeted me in this industry nearly 20 years ago. My desire is for people to have a voice and feel like they belong. I want them to stay with us in this industry and elevate the dream of homeownership together. I am fortunate to have found a home at FGMC, where leadership creates a space for everyone to be themselves. At FGMC, I have lent a voice to team members through advisory councils, surveys, and senior leader listening tours to tell us what they want to experience. While this work will never be finished, I am committed to holding a space where everyone can thrive and lend their voice. I hope to reside among the countless allies and advocates that promote the changing representation in mortgage for the next 20 years. Sophie Kim SVP, People & Culture, CIVIC Financial Services Melissa Stashin President & Co-Founder, PacRes Mortgage Lynley VanSingel SVP Learning & Organizational Development, First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation

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