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6 | M R EP O RT touches for mutual system users throughout the origination process by automating the alignment of key data between the systems. Pipeline Monitoring continuously monitors for data changes, while validating pricing and eligibility for each change–steps that would otherwise be completed manually, increasing the potential for loan parameters to be inaccurate or incorrectly priced. This process of synchronizing data between the two systems helps reduce human touches and promotes greater confidence in pricing accuracy. Lenders are alerted immediately about how data changes impact the net price, providing the insight needed to appropriately update the rate lock. "In today's market, it's more important than ever for lenders to choose holistic, end-to-end technology that delivers ben- efits greater than the sum of its parts," Happ said. "This inte- gration and new functionality represent exactly that, and act as a competitive game-changer for Black Knight clients. The newly integrated Optimal Blue PPE experience within Empower not only means the end of manually syncing origination data and risk- ing pricing inaccuracies, but more importantly, it will give clients more time and freedom to focus on growing their businesses." Servicer Adopts Fintech SAGENT AND FIGURE PARTNER ON BLOCKCHAIN INITIATIVE S agent has announced two major strategic deals with digital lending and pay- ments disruptor, Figure. First, Sagent will power Figure's mortgage servicing, as it continues to expand its mortgage market share, and secondly, the firms will collaborate on accelerating Figure's transformative blockchain vision. "Partnering with Figure not only adds a hyper-growth mort- gage player as a Sagent customer, it also lets Sagent innovate faster than ever for all customers on our three major performing, nonper- forming, and consumer platforms," Sagent CEO and President Dan Sogorka said. "Sagent is the only major industry platform prioritiz- ing modernization over margins, and this deal rapidly accelerates our execution on rewiring banks and lenders for the agility and speed required in the fintech age." The deal follows Figure's $200 million series D fundraise and announced merger with mortgage originator Homebridge—the first in a series of Figure mortgage growth moves: » Combines Figure's modern mortgage and non-mortgage consumer experience with Sagent's core servicing and default servicing platforms. » Enables banks and lenders to safely manage and quickly grow all types of agency and non-agency servicing, and di- versify into non-mortgage loans using the same tech stack. » Brings scale mortgage assets onto the public Provenance Blockchain, developed by the Figure team, which Cagney says will double fulfillment capacity for Figure-owned mortgage operations. "Together, we will reinvent the consumer mortgage servicing experience with Figure's innova- tion speed and Sagent's servicing depth," Figure Co-Founder and CEO Mike Cagney said. "We'll also begin bringing scale mort- gage assets onto the Provenance Blockchain to reduce mortgage industry costs by up to 100 basis points from origination through securitization." "Sagent's deal with Figure not only adds a hyper-growth mort- gage player as a Sagent customer following Figure's acquisition of Homebridge, but we're also combining Figure's innovation speed with Sagent's servicing depth to jointly modernize Sagent software," Sogorka told MReport. "It's an exciting time in mortgage and servicing innovation, and we believe Sagent's partnership with Figure can deliver moderniza- tion today while accommodating paradigm shifts that are brewing in our industry. One of those paradigm shifts is blockchain." All-in-One Home Shopping/Selling ROCKET HOMES LAUNCHES SINGLE-PLATFORM FOR BUYERS AND SELLERS R ocketHomes, a part of Rocket Companies, has announced that it is integrating its tools to create an array of choices for those in the market, putting clients in the position to create their own experience, rather than a tradi- tional one-size-fits-all approach that has been the standard for more than a century. "There is nothing more excit- ing than getting the keys to a new home, but far too often the process of getting to that point is confusing and fragmented. At Rocket Homes, we are laser- focused on using technology and innovation to create a fully customized and transparent expe- rience that is stress-free and fully integrated—working seamlessly with sister companies to simplify and speed-up the process, all while saving our clients money," said Doug Seabolt, CEO of Rocket Homes. "Whether a client is looking to sell their house on their own, get assistance from an on-staff Rocket Homes agent or meet face-to-face with our trusted local real estate professionals, we will have unique options and re- sources to help every client move through the process in a way that is fully customized to them." Homeowners looking to sell their property will be able to access Rocket Homes Seller Solutions to: » Leverage the ForSaleByOwner. com platform. » Work with on-staff Rocket Homes real estate agents that advise clients on the best list price, facilitate professional pho- tos, list the house on the local multiple listing service, negoti- ate offers, and handle all paper- work. With this option—which will be open to the public "In today's market, it's more important than ever for lenders to choose holistic, end-to-end technology that delivers benefits greater than the sum of its parts." —Scott Happ, President, Secondary Marketing Technologies Group, Black Knight MTECH

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