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32 | M R EP O RT BEST IN VALUATION PROVIDERS KEY PERSONNEL Keith Murray MAI, Founder, President, and CEO Cindy Nasser COO Lucee Cesena Business Development Account Executive Charles Beatley Director of Marketing CONTACT INFORMATION Corporate Office: 740 Corporate Center Drive Pomona, CA 91768 855.819.2828 Contact: Charles Beatley 909.397.7331 COMPANY DESCRIPTION Licensed in all 50 states, plus D.C., PCV Murcor provides nationwide appraisal management and valuation advisory for residential and commercial real estate. An industry leader with 40 years' experience managing valuation needs for mortgage lending, financial institutions, estate and litigation, real estate investors, and mortgage servicers, we are committed to helping clients and their customers nationwide make their real estate needs happen through accountability, connectivity, and performance. Our goal is to: reduce costs and waste, make turn- times more promptly, improve quality, and mitigate risk and compliance exposure. BUSINESS LINES, PRODUCTS & SERVICES PCV Murcor's proprietary processing system manages all facets of order fulfillment, including 24/7 order acceptance, processing, and delivery. PCV can integrate directly with most systems or multiple XML platforms. Products include: Residential Valuations • Appraisals • Evaluations • Valuation Review Products • Hybrid Appraisals • Broker Price Opinions (BPO) • Rental Broker Price Opinion (RBPO) • Value Reconciliations Commercial Valuations • Appraisals • Evaluations • Commercial BOVs Disaster Inspections • Standard Disaster Inspections • FEMA Inspections • Pre-Funding Inspections WHAT SETS YOU APART For 40 years and counting, PCV Murcor has built a tradition of excellence in helping hundreds of clients make their customers' real estate needs happen. PCV originated as Pacific Coast Valuations Murray Corporation, a Los Angeles-focused appraisal firm in 1981. What started from our founder's one-bedroom condo has grown into a national organization servicing the nation's largest lenders, servicers, and government-sponsored entities. "For us to reach a rare milestone of 40 years in the appraisal and valuation management industry is just incredible. We approach this anniversary with an attitude of sincere gratitude for all who have helped in achieving this milestone," says Keith Murray, Founder, President and CEO. Today, PCV's corporate office is rooted where it began, in the greater Los Angeles area (Pomona, California), where their employees continue to work closely with clients and a nationwide vendor panel of independent appraisers. "I want to thank our clients for their business and trust. We are committed to earning their business every day," said Cindy Nasser, COO. Throughout the past four decades, PCV has endured many ups and downs in the marketplace. Decades marked by the recessions in the early 1980s and '90s, the subprime mortgage crisis (2007-2009), and into the present day of a worldwide pandemic. "There's not much we haven't seen in the valuation business. But through it all, our focus remains the same, adding value to the process and ensuring clients get what they need," Murray shared. "We need to remember our clients' end customers—a father, a mother, a family, who are making one of the biggest, if not the biggest, financial commitments in their lifetimes by purchasing a home," Murray added. "If we deliver service that is timely, professional, and high quality, it eases the transaction for all parties. That's what continues to make us an industry leader and give us the credibility we are known for." PCV is not only a story of humble beginnings and longevity, but also diversity. As one of only a handful (if not the only) African American CEOs in the appraisal management industry, Murray is often asked about the importance of diversity. "It is our ability to recruit and hire a diverse and talented staff that has helped make us successful over the past 40 years," Murray said. "Our diversity reflects the importance of different points of view and ways to solve problems. Without a diverse staff, we would be in danger of having a perspective that doesn't serve everyone." PCV Murcor

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