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M R EP O RT | 17 COVER STORY we can do to keep improving and providing a more memo- rable experience for our clients, but technology is never going to replace the human touch, in my opinion. // Guild has been working in the mortgage sector since 1960; what are the qualities that enable that level of industry longevity? MCGARRY // Strong values translated into strong execution in origination and servicing. To run a good business, you have to have good internal controls and systems. Focus on each client to be sure you're building long-term relationships and doing the right thing, every time. Never forget, we're creating clients for life. // If you could travel back and have a conversation with your younger self, what is the one piece of advice that you would pass on? MCGARRY // I would tell my younger self, as well as other young women today, don't feel so guilty about work-life balance. You can be a successful mother and successful in your career. When I started my career in the 1980s, most of my friends left their career to raise their chil- dren. I have four sons who are all adults now and I was really hard on myself. I felt guilty all the time that I wasn't at home. And many of my friends made comments. I'd get promoted and they'd say, "Well, you're not going to take that. Are you? Because that's not good for your children." I said, "Well, I have to work anyway. Why not?" It wasn't logical to me, but I did beat myself up about it. And I have to say, I have four wonderful sons. They're amazing young men. They're hard-working, smart, and most of all, great people. I'm proud of that. I look back, and I say, "Well, I did do it. I was a successful mom and had a career." So, you can do it. Just don't be so hard on yourself. Give yourself a break and just remember you can have work-life balance. DAVID WHARTON, Editor-in-Chief at the Five Star Institute, is a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington, where he received his B.A. in English and minored in journalism. Wharton has over 17 years' experience in journalism and previously worked at Thomson Reuters, a multinational mass media and information firm, focusing on producing media content related to tax and accounting principles and government rules and regulations for accounting profession- als. Wharton has an extensive and diversified portfolio of freelance material, with published contribu- tions in both online and print media publications. He can be reached at DS News is the only publication in the country solely dedicated to providing default servicing professionals with news and content focused on their industry. SUBSCRIBE NOW! Connect with us online at SUBSCRIBE TO THE LEADER IN DEFAULT SERVICING NEWS THEFIVESTARINSTITUTE

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