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M R EP O RT | 19 Top5 Get to Know the Industry's Top Organizations 1. HISTORY AND VALUES USRES, a privately owned and operated asset management company, has been in business for over 30 years. Throughout this time, Founder & CEO Keith Guenther has ensured that the company culture continues to be grounded on the principles of integrity and consistency. USRES' core values of excellent service in asset management are not only shared and exhibited amongst the employees, but are also reflected by its long-standing reputation among the company's varied client base. Simply put, this philosophy has worked, and today, USRES is one of only a handful of REO asset management companies to withstand the test of time. 2. THE VOICE OF EXPERIENCE It has been rightly said that there is no substi- tute for experience. USRES has seen and thrived through three significant REO cycles—each one having its own unique conditions and challenges. From the first cycle to the last, through thoughtful trial and success, USRES emerged stronger and wiser. As the market approaches yet another cycle, that learned experience undoubtedly gives USRES the wisdom and insight to service the future needs of the default industry. 3. BEST PRACTICES Over the years, USRES has managed REO assets for over 175 different clients, ranging from GSEs and large servicing organizations to more regional outfits and even private investors. Servicing this diverse list of client types brought new challenges, exposure to different requirements, and experience with different liquidation strategies. The knowledge gained throughout has guided USRES in refining and building best practices to ensure success. So, whether the client has a time-tested process, or they are just getting started, USRES has a service proposal to meet any expectation. 4. TOOLS AND TECHNOLOGY Early on, USRES recognized the critical role that technology would play in the REO industry and built its own proprietary technology solution in the early '90s. The system was created to provide operational flexibility, better task management with vendors, and transparent client experience for USRES. In 2003, the technology platform got branded as RES.NET and today has become the predominant software used in the REO industry. Owning the software affords USRES the flex- ibility to adapt the technology to client needs at will—something that companies using third-party software simply cannot claim. 5. SCALABILITY Everyone in the REO industry understands we operate in a cyclical business. The outfits that last, however, are those that can scale both up and down as these cycles require. Having over 35,000 properties under management at the height of the last cycle and liquidating over $9 billion in REO inventory, USRES has proven its ability to scale upward. And having successfully navigated the backside of each boom, USRES has also proven the ability to thrive on less. For us, managing 50 or 25,000 properties is simply an adjustment—and one that has been made many times in the past. USRES REO Asset Management WEBSITE: KEY PERSONNEL Keith Guenther Founder & CEO Rida Sharaf Chief Strategy Officer Garrett Mays VP, Valuation & Vendor Management Tiffany Malm Director, REO Management & Ancillary Services USRES specializes in REO asset management through a combination of experienced staff, class-leading technology, and superior customer and vendor support. As the market fluctuates and client strategies adjust, USRES provides expert assistance by managing REO inventory through a wide range of products and services. Privately owned and operated Asset Management Company for 30 years Endured and learned from three distinct REO cycles Average monthly inventory during height of last REO 35,690 30yrs

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