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M R EP O RT | 25 of energy and this continual momentum, as opposed to just being part of who you are only 50% of the time. How have remote work and hybrid models impacted your training and onboarding pro- cess? I I don't think it's affected it much. It's required remote workers to create that bond or that culture as individuals that we're lacking from being all together, right? Specifically, when you're talking about how you keep your employees engaged with you, what are some things that you can do, so that a team member feels like they're a part of something, and so they know who they're working with and for? All three of the organiza- tions that I'm a leader of, own, or run, have fully remote or hybrid offices. There are some interest- ing things you can do to create, grow, and have fun together as a team. I do a lot of meetings that I like to call "brain flow meetings." They're just brainstorming; you just whiteboard ideas about how to create lift within a department or division. What are we going to do with education and wellness? What type of team building event would employees like to do? I like that concept of creating a bond or a community within an organization. Individuals start to get excited that you want to hear their ideas, because they feel that their voice matters. Feeling heard as an employee is important. Have you seen any changes in productivity or engagement with team members working remotely versus in office? I have not at all, and I might be very fortunate. I don't

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