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28 | M R EP O RT FEATURE D ave Robertson serves as Senior VP, Chief HR Officer for Guild Mortgage. He oversees the company's human resourc- es and management training programs, which are focused on building capabilities and leadership best practices within Guild's growing workforce throughout the U.S. He is a founding member and vice president of the Guild Giving Foundation, a nonprofit organization that encourages volunteerism among the company's nearly 4,000 employees and supports local causes. Under Robertson's direction, Guild has implemented new training and development pro- grams across the company. He has helped centralize corporate recruiting efforts and expanded its national reach to attract a broader array of talent in support of Guild's growth. He also leads Guild University, the company's core learning and development center, which features coaching, mentoring and ongoing profes- sional development for employees at all levels of the company. He graduated from Mississippi State University with a bachelor's degree in computer science in 1990. Guild has been recognized nationally for its corporate culture and named a Top Workplace by The San Diego Union-Tribune every year since 2013. What are the main obstacles to hiring and retention post- pandemic? W ithin talent acquisition, the pandemic played an interesting role in how hiring standards and practices had to adjust to new market conditions. Post-pandemic, candidates have a new set of expectations, with many being much more self- aware of what they are looking for, both personally and profes- sionally, and this has become evident during the interviewing process. When selecting candi- dates, it's become more important to consider how both a candidate and a company can support each other. A company can no longer go into an interview simply look- ing for someone who can do the job well. Companies must now consider what can be provided to candidates to best set them up for long-term personal and profes- sional success. Employee retention is more crucial now than ever, as candidates are much more willing to quickly move to other compa- nies that are more aligned with their individual long-term goals. How have factors such as increased migration and the Great Resignation impacted your ability to find and keep the talent you need? T he Great Resignation has been an interesting phe- nomenon to witness. Currently, candidates are much more aware of what they desire and do not shy away from asking for it. If an employer cannot provide what they are seeking, they are also not afraid to walk away. Candidates want to ensure they work for a company that not only offers fair wages and amazing health and welfare benefits, and they are seeking out companies that provide other intangible benefits, such as positive company culture, organizations that prioritize and support work/life balance, and workplaces where one can contribute positively, and hard work is appreciated and reward- ed. Additionally, candidates are seeking out organizations that are engaged in their communities and supporting meaningful causes that candidates can connect to. Because of the complexity of the specific needs of candi- dates, Guild has adjusted our recruitment efforts to highlight how much our organization can contribute to support a candidate in terms of professional goals and in supporting local com- munities, particularly through our non-profit Guild Giving Foundation. We not only share potential career paths that one can take at Guild, but we also ensure that candidates know about many of our other benefits, including paid time off to vol- unteer. We also talk about our scholarship program and ensure that they are aware of our focus The New Hiring Landscape Dave Robertson, Senior VP, Chief HR Officer for Guild Mortgage, discusses hiring, retention, and how mortgage companies must work to set themselves apart in order to attract the talent they need. By Demetria C. Lester The Team Issue

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