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M R EP O RT | 31 Top5 Get to Know the Industry's Top Organizations 2. HISTORY AND VALUES RES.NET has navigated amidst uncertainty in today's environment because in its 20-year history, it has successfully supported several significant industry down cycles. Maintaining a lasting vision is the glue to its organization and paramount to its mission of providing sustainable solutions to its clients and superior service. RES.NET invests in and develops scalable tools within each of the plat- forms to increase efficiencies and improve accuracy and productivity. By integrating enterprise features including task- ing, messaging, reporting, and document sharing with flexible customization and robust reporting, RES.NET provides the tools needed to support the diverse industry needs. 3. PILLARS OF EXCELLENCE • Experience: RES.NET represents stability with 20+ years in the real estate industry and 200+ clients. • Flexibility: RES.NET enterprise application offers an out of the box product that covers 99% of current business needs including definable user privileges, system behavior, and custom workflows. • Implementation: RES.NET clients experience minimal disruption or business delays. RES.NET offers easy data migration, seamless integration with third parties, and a committed staff with a single point of contact and personalized training. • Customer Service: RES.NET has dedicated ac- count managers and in-house customer service representatives that resolve 95% of all calls on initiation. 4. COMPANY PRODUCT ACCOLADES RES.NET's REO Portal was named a 2022 Innovation winner. The portal enables users/clients to manage the entire REO liquidation process, within a single ecosystem, optimizing communica- tion and automating workflow to centralize data. Advanced features and functionality provide a more intuitive user experience enabling them to effectively manage an existing client base while preparing for future growth. RES.NET's offers a more holistic product so its clients can get the best technology available all under one roof by com- bining new proprietary solutions with third-party integrated tools, filling critical gaps that have frag- mented the marketplace for many years. 5. RES.NET SOLUTIONS/PORTALS RES.NET's portals support traditional, rent-to- market, reverse mortgage conversions, mobile chat- tel, renovation, investment, and capital markets; all within Retail, Portfolio Asset Disposition, Valuation and Default Servicing transactions. • REO: Workflow with communication, tasking, expense management; certified vendors and integrated providers. • Loss Mitigation/Short Sale: Negotiate offers, review purchase contracts, track deficiencies, archive all borrower documents and deliverables; increase transparency. • Loss Mitigation/Deed-in-Lieu: Increase trans- parency with document collection and communi- cation within a single source. • Valuations: Auto-assign, track, and report on valuations sent to designated vendor networks. RES.NET WEBSITE: KEY PERSONNEL Keith Guenther CEO Angela Hurst EVP and CAO Rida Sharaf SVP Operations and CSO Jon Dipre Operations Manager Bill Colby Product Manager 1. COMPANY DESCRIPTION RES.NET is an off-the-shelf SAAS platform providing insti- tutional subscribers a suite of portals in a single ecosystem for asset management and loss miti- gation alternatives to foreclosure, supporting short sale and deed- in-lieu solutions to borrowers. The platform features advanced and customizable workflows and robust reporting functionality.

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