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M R EP O RT | 47 EXPERT INSIGHTS the past two years. The positive is that most companies are finished with the challenge of right-sizing their organizations. Over the next six months, I expect the number of employed originators will con- tinue to decline, but only slight- ly. As the markets continues to stabilize to a "new normal" and business gets back to being mostly proactive versus reactive, we will begin to see lenders carefully add staff in nearly all areas. Where do you see the housing market headed? T he increase in interest rates this year has cooled down a very hot housing market, but it's certainly not like the Great Financial Crisis of 2008. After several years of skyrocketing home prices, the housing market is starting to normalize. Home values will continue to climb, but the velocity of change will slow down. This is ultimately good news for homebuyers. It's true that it has become increasingly difficult for first-time homebuyers, and the rate environment is not likely to help. Yet the market is still approachable. Homebuyers simply require a team of profes- sionals, including an experienced loan originator and a knowledge- able real estate agent, to help them create a purchase plan. Is there a silver lining to be found in the current slowdown? T here most certainly is a silver lining in the current slowdown, but it will only be found by those who demonstrate resilience and are focused on doing the essential work to build success. The market is not going to be normal for some time, so trying to wait things out until something breaks for the better is not a good idea. However, today's market shift will force many orig- inators to exit the industry. As the ranks begin to thin, opportunities will open up to become more noticeable and will make building business easier. But to win, you need to have a forward-looking mindset, be willing to do the work and take action. "And remember, the size of a company does not matter. Big companies can disappear as quickly as small and midsize companies. " Anywhere. Anytime. MReport Digital Experts you trust. People you know. News you want. MReport is putting essential mortgage market news at your fingertips with our new digital edition, now available online via your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Enjoy the magazine at your desk, and tap into MReport Digital's easily accessible platform anywhere, anytime. Committed to giving originators, servicers, and all lending professionals access to smarter perspectives, MReport believes it's time to think differently about the mortgage industry. Because the American Dream is evolving . . . are you? Subscribe to MReport and MReport Digital now! Call 800.856.8060 or connect with us online at to take advantage of our special introductory offer! powered by THEFIVESTARINSTITUTE Bringing Today's Lending Headlines into Focus, MReport Digital Puts Mortgage Banking News at Your Fingertips

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