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July 2023 » 13 July 2023 G O O D R E A D S EXPAND YOUR SKILLS, GAIN INSIGHT, AND GET INSPIRED WITH THESE TOP PICKS InteGRITy: My Slow and Painful Journey to Success Remodelers' Cost of Doing Business Study, 2023 Edition The House That She Built Making Investing Choices for Oneself: Foreclosures and Other Problems With Real Estate Finance b y G L E N N S T E A R N S Coming from a family who lived a less than fortunate life in the low-income suburbs of Baltimore to becoming a billionaire, author Glenn Stearns has written a highly- praised memoir that takes readers on a journey from his upbringing, his battles with alcoholism, to getting scrappy and beating the odds stacked against him. Motivated by stories of people who took risks, in under 10 years after graduating college, he formed his own mortgage firm, Stearns Lending, LLC, and a settlement company, Carriage Escrow. Soon after, his settlement company became the largest HUD contractor in the country earning him Earnst & Young's "Entrepreneur of the Year" award. b y N A H B R E M O D E L E R S The National Association of Home Builders, a Washington- based trade association who is affiliated with over 700 associations across the country has published a new book on the state of the 2023 remodeling market. Teaching readers how to figure out what projects you should be focusing on for the best return and comparing benchmarks to what you should expect to earn, this book can also compare your business to other remodeling firms with the industry as a whole. If you want to uncover gross and net profits, assets and liabilities, owner's equity, and financial rations, this book will help you generate indicators of how you and other remodelers are doing. b y M O L L I E E L K M A N ( A U T H O R ), G E O R G I A C A S T E L L A N O ( I L L U S T R A T O R ) A book written for the NAHB aims to bridge the gap of the building skilled labor shortage by exposing children and young adults to STEAM and construction careers with the goal of elevating women in the industry. Inspired by a group of women who built a one-of-a- kind home in Utah, the book has already received the prestigious IBPA Bejamin Franklin Award and is making headway by creating a new badge for the Girl Scouts, hosting activities with the Boys and Girl Clubs of America, and being featured at national conferences and building shows This book is only the beginning of inspiring diversity and inclusion for future generations of the skilled workforce for the housing industry. b y M A R I A S M I T H If you're a budding investor, or already have a real estate career or business, author Maria Smith aims to fully prepare you to find off- market leads, uncover sellers' motivations, negotiate with confidence, closing more deals than you thought possible, and building a team of go-getters. Claiming to have everything you need to go from nothing to a millionaire with nothing but your own capital, this is a step-by-step book for seeking excellence in not just your profession, but in your life as well. The book also helps readers navigate the recent real estate market downturn and how to purchase a home after foreclosure.

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