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64 | Th e M Rep o RT Final ThoughTs Final Thoughts everyone has an opinion; some just speak loud enough for the world to take note. "Wall Street may be in the seventh inning of what it is going to be post-crisis." RichaRd Lipstein, managing director of New York-based recruiting firm Gilbert Tweed International of Bank of America layoffs. "This is probably a reasonable time to revamp the statement to take out that 6.5 percent threshold because it's not really providing any great value." WiLLiaM dudLey, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to the Wall Street Journal this month. "What the results show is that the settlement pretty well achieved what they set out to achieve." Joseph a. sMith JR., settlement monitor for the 2012 mortgage settlement. "A number of factors are raising builder concerns over meeting demand for the spring buying season." NAHB Chief Economist david cRoWe "Real estate has always been local, and as the spring market gains momentum, this old adage will only become more pronounced." stan huMphRies, Zillow chief economist, thinks southern California is a seller's market this year. "I think they have signaled fairly clearly what their intents are and I have not seen any indication of expectation for change." AT&T Inc. CEO RandaLL stephenson said when asked about taper the central bank's monthly bond-buying program despite some weakness in the economy this winter "Instead of operating behind closed doors, it's time for the CFPB to live up to its oft-stated commitment to transparency and openness. In the interest of true, genuine transparency and open government, Director Cordray can and should use 'Sunshine Week' to take immediate steps that bring the CFPB into the sunlight." U.S. Rep. and HFSC Chairman Jeb hensaRLing, R-Texas said in a written and video statement.

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