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6 | Th e M Rep o RT from the source Staying Informed These social platforms are helping industry professionals remain in the loop on all fronts. READ THIS ≥ The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building A Business When There Are No Easy Answers This newly released book tackles the difficulties of starting a new business head-on. Author Ben Horowitz is co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz, which is one of the most successful venture capitalist firms in Silicon Valley. His company was one of the original investors in Twitter and a number of other tech com- panies since its inception in 2005. Through his hands-on experi- ence, he gives valuable advice on dealing with the most difficult things an entrepreneur might encounter. His book is filled with humor and a scattering of rap lyrics that keep it light and fun while still conveying noteworthy advice. SHARE THIS Break Up the Bank? It's Not for You to Ask New York Times columnist Gretchen Morgenson looks at what may or may not appear on the JPMorgan Chase proxy statement. One new shareholder has come forward with a pro- posal and a statement that some institutions are too big. Michael C. Davidson has a proposed solution for the problem and hopes the SEC agrees with him even if JPMorgan Chase doesn't. He wants to see his idea of separating out their operations into different entities be brought to the forefront and discussed by shareholders. TWEET THIS @HeatherPerlberg Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may be going through some serious restructuring in the near future. Heather Perlberg, a Bloomberg reporter who specializes in the mortgage industry, provides the latest breakdown in changes the U.S. Senate is proposing. She also offers opinions and insight on a variety of housing market and finance items in the news. WATCH THIS Mortgage Choice YouTube Channel Mortgage Choice is one of the many companies that people can choose from when looking for a lender for their property purchase, but this one has its own YouTube channel. Its ability and effort to connect to the consumer goes above and beyond some of the other companies. One of its most popular videos is a property market update that goes up every month, giving current and future owners insight into what is happening to their property values. "LIKE" THIS The company is known for its website that gives potential homeowners insight into listings all over the country and can be specialized to clients' home search criteria. The website is similar to an MLS listing except it's accessible to anyone. The Facebook page, on the other hand, is a little more entertaining. In addition to the noteworthy articles on boosting credit scores, the importance of home warranties and mortgage refinancing, there are links to entertaining housing market tidbits as well. Facebook friends can check out Pharrell Williams' Miami digs or see where pro hockey player Owen Nolan lays his head at night.

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