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30 | Th e M Rep o RT Company desCription 4 S Technologies, LLC (4S), is a provider of software and services that enable its clients to fill automation gaps in work processes. 4S's patented and patent-pending technologies focus primarily on the automation of data mining, data normalization, and both outbound and inbound data exchange, all of which enable compliance and transparency. 4S's clients include several of the largest U.S. banks, government agencies, and many other financial services providers and their partners. Company history 4 S Technologies, LLC, was formed in 2006 by Michael Ackerman and Bill Taylor as an affiliate of Zucker, Goldberg & Ackerman, LLC (ZGA), one of the premier providers of default services. 4S's services were introduced to ZGA's clients in order to solve systemic problems that prevent effective portfolio management. As the financial services industry has experienced massive change during and following the mortgage markets crisis, 4S's software and services have assisted in facilitating its clients' adaptation to new compliance and reporting standards while enabling operational efficiencies. Business lines, serviCes, and produCts • Automated data acquisition • Automated data integrity solutions and database integration services • Automated auditing support • Workflow supplements, both online and offline, to systems of record • Automated data distribution solutions for required filings and reporting • Automation of identification and proper application of Bankruptcy payments • Automation of business-rules-based workflow GeoGraphiCal sCope and CoveraGe area Worldwide Key Features/BeneFits Increased quality and consistency resulting from: • Elimination of manual data sourcing and data entry • Integration with systems of record and supplementary client systems • Client-definable workflow tailored to clients' operational needs • Improved throughput, ensuring both timeliness and accuracy Competitive advantaGe 4 S Technologies, LLC (4S), provides client-level personalization of its software and services, while instating new processes and services in minimal time. 4S's products integrate with its clients' systems of record as well as with external counterparties and data sources with the result of enabling more thorough automated workflow and ensured consistency of required. added value to Clients Delivery of in-line value to 4S's clients' operations and oversight functions enables quick-hits and long-term solutions. Flexibility of solutions enables client adoption by tailoring services to all governance, compliance, and operational requirements. Keys to suCCess 4 S Technologies, LLC (4S), works with its clients to determine the optimum solution to the clients' needs. 4S's patented and patent-pending software and services are inter-operable components, which 4S assembles and tailors in the implementation to solve clients' needs from governance-level to desktop-level. By implementing quickly and nimbly, 4S has built a reputation as a reliable source as a problem-solver. "4 S Technologies enables efficiency, accuracy and compliance by putting valuable human resources' brains to work, rather than their fingers. COMPLIANCE is a slam-dunk when humans can concentrate on managing the portfolio and processes." —Bill Taylor COO, COO key personnel Mike Ackerman Managing Member Bill Taylor Member/COO Devlin McConagly Chief Architect Pam Beck-Janssen Client Solutions Director Harold Shanske Infrastructure Director staffing 62 contact information 200 Sheffield St. Suite 101 Mountainside, New Jersey 07092 phone: 908.588.9911 email: Web: 4 S Technologies, LLC

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