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32 | Th e M Rep o RT CORPORATE PROFILE ClosingCorp is the leading provider of residential closing cost data, intelligence, and technologies for lenders and real estate professionals. It is the only source for actual closing cost data that includes verified rates from more than 12,000 service providers, as well as current recording fee and transfer tax data for every residential property in the nation. ClosingCorp's proprietary database is the foundation for its groundbreaking technologies, which include SmartGFE, SmartGFE Calculator, SmartOrder, and DART. With these solutions, ClosingCorp has proven to help clients dramatically improve productivity and transparency, reduce expenses, stay in compliance, and expedite the closing process. COmPAny hIsTORy Founded in 2005, ClosingCorp was the first com- pany to enable consumers to shop and compare title insurance rates. In 2008, the company launched the industry's most comprehensive one-stop-shop for real estate services on the Web. By uniquely bringing transparency to the closing process, ClosingCorp helps evaluate real estate services in specific geographic areas and facilitate direct inqui- ries to service providers online. In 2010, ClosingCorp launched SmartGFE, the first and most comprehensive data technology that pro- vides up-to-date title and settlement fees, real estate services costs, recording fees, and transfer taxes for all residential properties in America. The service delivers real-time rates directly from ClosingCorp's national database of more than 12,000 service pro- viders and supplies lenders with the data to instantly generate a guaranteed RESPA-compliant good faith estimate (GFE). For seamless workflows, SmartGFE is integrated with popular loan origination software platforms such as Ellie Mae Encompass360, FIS Loan Origination Studio, LPS Empower, Calyx Point, and others. SmartGFE protects lenders from RESPA- tolerance violations related to Blocks 3–8. In 2013, ClosingCorp introduced SmartOrder, the industry's first online ordering technology that in- cludes verified pricing with every order. SmartOrder is the ultimate in time-saving convenience with fea- tures for order submission, acceptance and moni- toring; appointment scheduling; electronic delivery of information and documents; and documented pricing for each order. PROduCTs And sOLuTIOns • SmartGFE—Instant access to guaranteed compliant GFE data that's easily integrated with current workflows. • SmartGFE Calculator—Online pricing tool for title and settlement services, recording fees, and transfer taxes. • SmartOrder—Automated, online ordering tech- nology with verified and documented pricing. • Professional Services—Bulk data, analytics, and services representing the richest resource of closing cost and service provider intelligence available today. KEy FEATuREs/BEnEFITs • The most comprehensive, accurate closing cost data available including verified rates from more than 12,000 service providers. • Precise recording fee and transfer tax data for every residence in the nation. • Fast, easy, online access to RESPA-compliant GFE data. • Streamlined pricing process for residential real estate transactions. • Improves productivity, reduces expenses, main- tains regulatory compliance, and expedites the closing process. COmPETITIvE AdvAnTAgE ClosingCorp is the only available source of current rate and fee information from more than 12,000 real estate service providers, as well as the most up-to- date recording fee and transfer tax data that can be accessed instantly. The company's unparalleled ability to deliver accurate results helps lenders avoid costly RESPA tolerance violations, validate efficien- cies, and operate transparently. AddEd vALuE TO CLIEnTs With the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's new rules in place, lenders must focus more than ever on consumer satisfaction and compliance. ClosingCorp's data, services, and products are up- dated to meet all of the new requirements, giving its clients one less area about which to be concerned. The breadth and depth of its information also offers clients an invaluable tool by which to benchmark and measure their service providers. KEys TO suCCEss ClosingCorp has a well-defined and clear focus on providing the most accurate closing data, intel- ligence, and technologies to make real estate trans- actions more efficient and transparent. IndusTRy AwARds, ACCOLAdEs, And mILEsTOnEs • Mortgage Executive magazine Top 50 Mortgage Service Providers in America—2013 • Mortgage Technology Top 50 Service Provider—2013 • Mortgage Technology Fix-It Award (Finalist)—2013 • Mortgage Technology Top Service Provider—2011 key personnel Brian Benson CEO Mike Reynolds CFO Brad Chmura SVP, Sales Jennifer Koonce SVP, IT Operations John Alexander SVP, Strategic Operations staffing 50 employees contact information 6165 Greenwich Drive Suite 300 San Diego, CA 92122 Phone: 866.256.7464 Email: web: ClosingCorp

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