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Th e M Rep o RT | 55 O r i g i nat i O n s e r v i c i n g a na ly t i c s s e c O n da r y m a r k e t ANALYTICS Northeast Connecticut 19,375 Maine 10,236 Massachusetts 18,010 New Hampshire 6,869 Rhode Island 4,516 Vermont 4,761 New Jersey 45,411 New York 54,278 Pennsylvania 52,268 Midwest Illinois 47,894 Indiana 26,106 Michigan 46,648 Ohio 41,418 Wisconsin 32,537 Iowa 12,692 Kansas 9,616 Minnesota 16,750 Missouri 30,812 Nebraska 5,704 North Dakota 788 South Dakota 2,270 South Delaware 5,106 District of Columbia 714 Florida 136,063 Georgia 45,436 Maryland 19,936 North Carolina 62,490 South Carolina 33,790 Virginia 35,548 West Virginia 6,210 Alabama 22,776 Kentucky 18,484 Mississippi 10,164 Tennessee 42,630 Arkansas 16,518 Louisiana 10,926 Oklahoma 15,125 Texas 74,642 West Arizona 37,684 Colorado 21,570 Idaho 9,490 Montana 4,468 Nevada 11,016 New Mexico 10,911 Utah 9,951 Wyoming 2,608 Alaska 2,072 California 62,326 Hawaii 5,164 Oregon 14,372 Washington 22,792 around the u. s. supply in demand Analysts were shocked in April with the news that new home sales had plummeted 14.5 percent in the span of a single month—but not so shocked that they weren't ready with explanations. While most fingers are pointing at everything from poor weather (still?) to higher prices, MReport took a look at for-sale inventory in each state to see if March's drop is just another reflection of the country's choked housing stock. Northeast Seasonally adjusted March sales rate: 27,000* State For-sale inventory (unadjusted) State For-sale inventory (unadjusted) Midwest Seasonally adjusted March sales rate: 51,000* State For-sale inventory (unadjusted) South Seasonally adjusted March sales rate: 226,000* State For-sale inventory (unadjusted) West Seasonally adjusted March sales rate: 80,000* *Preliminary estimate Sources: &

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