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p r e s e n t s compliance company Compliance has been all the industry can talk about since the implementation of the new rules. Ensuring that business remains focused on staying compliant and increasing transparency to the consumer while increasing bottom lines is a daunting, but necessary task. While great strides have been made in the housing recovery, industry professionals are still standing firm in the face of adverse and unrelenting pressures from the fragile market. A spirit of collaboration has increased in the industry during this time. Industry professionals are relying on each other to create a compliant, customer- driven industry. This month's issue highlights the best and the brightest in the compliance space. The companies listed are focused on collaboration and consolidation so that efficiency increases and mistakes decrease. Flip the page and acquaint yourself with the industry leaders that will help you solve your most pressing challenges through their innovative products and solutions. Guide Th e M Rep o RT | 29

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