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Th e M Rep o RT | 31 Special Advertorial Section ComplianCe Company guide ClosingCorp CORPORATE PROFILE Headquartered in San Diego, California, ClosingCorp ® owns and operates the premier source of intelligence for closing costs and service providers in the U.S. residential real estate industry. Through innovative solutions, progressive technologies, and strong alliances, the company delivers timely, accurate and transparent results that help optimize closing processes and services for mortgage lenders, title and settlement companies, and real estate professionals. Clients rely on ClosingCorp to help improve efficiencies and mitigate risk. COmPAny hIsTORy Founded in 2006, ClosingCorp was the first company to enable consumers to shop and compare title insurance rates. In 2008, the company launched ® , the industry's most comprehensive one-stop-shop for real estate services related to a residential mortgage closing on the Web. In 2010, ClosingCorp launched its SmartGFE ® service, the first and most comprehensive data technology delivering up-to-date title and settlement fees, real estate services costs, recording fees, and transfer taxes for all residential properties in America. In 2013, ClosingCorp introduced the industry's first online ordering technology that included verified pricing with every order. ClosingCorp's Seller Net Sheet, a calculator used to inform sellers of their estimated closing proceeds, was delivered to market in 2014. Several enhancements to SmartGFE and ordering solutions were completed also in response to the upcoming closing disclosure regulatory changes in August of 2015. REguLATORy COmPLIAnCE Efficiency: Studies have shown that loan officers can spend up to 30 minutes preparing a loan estimate; ClosingCorp can reduce that time to one minute. Lenders need to streamline processes, not just from lead to application, but also in the time it takes from the borrower filling out their loan application to when the initial cost disclosure is made. The ClosingCorp solution incorporates data directly from the loan file; county property data; lender's business rules, requirements and preferred providers, as well as ClosingCorp's proprietary national data repository and algorithms. Accuracy: Using actual verified rates and fees from ClosingCorp creates lender peace of mind in the knowledge that accuracy is guaranteed when creating a loan estimate. Inaccuracies not only result in in costly variance violations; they contribute to customer dissatisfaction, which in turn cuts down on the amount of repeat and referral business received. BusInEss LInEs, sERvICEs, And PROduCTs PreQual Quote: • Closing cost scenarios used for prequalification Loan Estimate Quote: • Actual rates and fees used to populate a loan estimate document, including: AMC, title and settlement services, owner's title insurance and shoppable real estate closing services • Government recording fees and transfer taxes Integrated Order Management: • Submit, accept, and monitor orders online with electronic delivery Custom Information Solutions: • Bulk data, analytics, and services representing closing cost and service provider intelligence KEy FEATuREs/BEnEFITs ClosingCorp provides data, analytics, and technology solutions that help lenders improve productivity, reduce expenses, maintain regulatory compliance, and expedite the closing process. Coverage: • Nation's largest service provider network consisting of nearly 20,000 service providers • Precise recording fee and transfer tax data for every residence in the nation Data integrity: • The most comprehensive and accurate closing cost data available, including verified rates from the ClosingCorp service provider network • Rate and fee updates are managed by ClosingCorp; therefore, lenders do not need to monitor updates COmPETITIvE AdvAnTAgE ClosingCorp is the only available source of current rate and fee information from nearly 20,000 real estate service providers, as well as the most up-to-date recording fee and transfer tax data that can be accessed instantly. The company's unparalleled ability to deliver accurate results helps lenders avoid costly variance violations, validate efficiencies and operate transparently. AddEd vALuE TO CLIEnTs With the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's new rules in place, lenders must focus more than ever on consumer satisfaction and compliance. ClosingCorp's data, analytics, technology, and services meet all of the new requirements, giving clients one less area of concern. IndusTRy AwARds, ACCOLAdEs, And mILEsTOnEs • 2014 Top 50 Service Providers, Mortgage Technology • 2014 October Research Innovator Award • 2014 50 Elite Women in the Mortgage Industry, Mortgage Professional America key personnel Brian Benson Chief Executive Officer Kamel Boulos Chief Technology Officer Dan Mugge Senior Vice President of Program Development Debbie Day Senior Vice President of Operations and Product Management Brad Chmura Senior Vice President of Business Development staf f ing 65+ contact infor mat ion 6165 Greenwich Drive, Suite 300 San Diego, California 92122 Phone: 858.551.1500 or toll-free 866.256.7464 Email: web:

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