Nov. 2015-Opportunity Knocks

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news and strategies for the evolving mortgage market OppOrtunity KnOcKs One lender's stOry Of finding success by serving the underserved. november 2015 42 O r i g i n a t i O n JPMOrgan Q3 net incOMe rises tO $6.8 billiOn the bank's mortgage banking net income rose nearly 30 percent from last year. 44 s e r v i c i n g MaJOr banks' third-Party MOrtgage servicing POrtfOliOs cOntinue tO decline In Q2, Jpmorgan, bank of America, citigroup, Wells Fargo, and U.S. bancorp all reported decreases in their third- party mortgage servicing portfolios. 52 a n a l y t i c s hOMe Price declines less risky, excePt in Oil- dePendent states energy- and oil-producing states such as texas, Louisiana, oklahoma, and West virginia show higher-than- average risks of price declines. 57 s e c O n d a r y M a r K e t Private-label securitizatiOn Market disaPPearance affects credit access consumers without stellar credit and those in need of jumbo loans may find it difficult to obtain mortgages in a government-dominated market. evan stOne Founder, Pacific Union Financial, LLC MadisOn siMM Senior Executive Vice President and CFO, Pacific Union Financial, LLC ricK sKOgg President and CEO, Pacific Union Financial, LLC

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