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TH E M R EP O RT | 35 Mortgage Quality Management & Research, LLC CORPORATE PROFILE Mortgage Quality Management & Research (MQMR) was founded in 2011 as a risk mitigation company focused on serving the mortgage lending community. To this day, MQMR works side-by-side with lenders, servicers, vendors, and warehouse banks to manage risk, mitigate losses, and enhance the borrower lending experience. In a highly regulated marketplace, risk management is key to the viability of the industry. With this consideration, MQMR partners with clients to establish programs that utilize quantitative and qualitative metrics to elevate performance and promote accountability. MQMR is devoted to delivering a comprehensive compliance solution leveraging its core product menu in addition to that of its subsidiary HQ Vendor Management (HQVM) and sister company Subsequent QC. KEY FEATURES • Servicing Quality Control Audits: Loan level, compliance, and operational audits of mortgage servicers. • Vendor Management: Operational due diligence, detailed risk and compliance assessments, and on-going oversight of third party service providers. • Correspondent and Broker Approval: Counterparty review and approval. • Vendor Management (For Vendors): Evaluate the effectiveness of the operating controls and generate a uniform vendor management package for the vendor's clients. • Internal Audit: An independent, objective assurance and consulting program designed to improve an organization's operations and ensure adherence • Warehouse Due Diligence: Counterparty risk and operational reviews. • Compliance: A suite of compliance services to assist lenders in establishing a comprehensive compliance program and mitigate exposures presented by changing regulatory requirements. Including, but not limited to, policies and procedures, MSA reviews, LO compensation agreements, advertising and marketing reviews, and overall compliance support. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE MQMR's position in the industry, and its background, allow the company to view a significant aggregation of what companies do and do not do well. The ability of the MQMR team to provide recommendations across the entire originations workflow, carried through into servicing, is unique (leveraging all three of our business channels: MQMR, HQVM, and Subsequent QC). ADDED VALUE TO BUSINESS PARTNERS The MQMR team is comprised of seasoned industry veterans across each area of counterparty risk, due diligence, and compliance advisory services. Due to the structure of the company, MQMR is able to have its clients work with and get feedback from true subject-matter experts in the applicable field of interest. KEYS TO SUCCESS Being a boutique company allows MQMR to place an extreme emphasis on the quality of its product and the depth of its commitment to service levels. Leveraging years of due diligence expertise, MQMR focuses its business not just on identifying areas of risk within a company, but also providing best-practice recommendations designed to point the client in the right direction. MQMR believes that the appropriate level of risk mitigation is more than just completing an audit, it is about building a platform of thorough oversight on an ongoing and consistent basis. MQMR's holistic approach to servicing its clients provides instant results and satisfaction to its clients and their counterparts. AWARDS AND ACCOLADES MQMR is recognized as a leading due diligence provider in the industry having worked with the majority of warehouse banks, correspondent investors, and subservicers to perform counterparty risk functions. Additionally, many of the individual members of the MQMR team are recognized as top individuals within the industry and are often asked to speak at industry-related conferences, as well as featured within industry magazines. KEY PERSONNEL Benjamin Madick President Michael Steer VP and COO Tim E. Cox Chief Strategy Officer Dayna Silver Director, Strategic Development Nicholas Thomas Corpuz Director, Servicing Oversight CONTACT INFORMATION Tim E. Cox 636.578.7926 5900 Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 432 Sherman Oaks, CA 91411 Phone: 818.940.1200 Web:

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