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TH E M R EP O RT | 35 Special Advertorial Section COMPLIANCE COMPANY INDEX COMPLI KEY PERSONNEL Steve Salimbas CEO Peter Heretakis Director of Business Development STAFFING Employees: 5 CONTACT INFORMATION 625 Middle Country Road Coram, NY 11727 Phone: 800.240.9190 Email: Web: Company Description Centralized and automated loss mitigation solution for mortgage field service and loss mitigation companies. Company History The CompliDox API was launched in 2016 to leverage existing industry processes and infrastructure to provide a centralized, powerful, professional, loss mitigation communication solution that is 100 percent traceable for all field service providers and their clients. Regulatory Compliance CompliDox is the only 100 percent traceable loss mitigation solution in the field services industry and replaces traditional door hangers with an automated, cloud-based, data driven, servicer branded, professional document. This allows enhanced audit capabilities, since the service provides data that is not possible with a door hanger. CompliDox tracks data from the initial print date and time, and the exact document content, and then maps Proof of Service (POS) photos to provide visual audit capabilities. Mortgage servicers control the document content using the CompliDox web portal. Via a simple API integration between CompliDox's servers and a vendor's work flow system, hired local contractors request documents, which are generated on the fly and are then ready to be printed for face-to- face delivery. Since the entire process is digitized, contractors never have to handwrite anything. The platform's unique management system allows servicers to target documents to specific geographic regions, even down to a specific ZIP code, to address the fracturing compliance Loss Mitigation requirements that are now being rolled out on a local, state, and national level. Additionally, use of servicer's logo combined with an injection of customer- specific data into any part of the document allows for an unmatched level of customer targeting and customization that is not possible with door hangers. Central management and real-time updating of document content ensures all customers are treated exactly the same and eliminates any possible mistake of delivering wrong or outdated information to a customer and violating their consumer's rights. This significantly reduces servicer risk, while ensuring both the best possible consumer experience and the highest level of in-field vendor network compliance Business Lines, Services, and Products Cloud-based loss mitigation occupant outreach solution. Key Features/Benefits • 3-In-1 mortgagee solution • Compliance • Loss mitigation • Property preservation • Professional representation • Servicer branding • Data driven • No handwriting • Servicer is in control • Real-time updates • Dynamic customization • Simplified logistics • Highest ROI • Similar cost to door hangers/high value • Reduce overhead • Seamless and rapid deployment • Loss mitigation automation • Enhanced audit capabilities • Addresses insurers' requests for more communication • 100 percent traceable • POS photo mapping Competitive Advantage CompliDox is the leading provider of digitized loss mitigation solutions for the field services space. The platform eliminates the shortcomings of traditional door hangers such as a lack of branding, zero tracking capabilities, and handwriting to name a few. By digitizing and centralizing loss mitigation, CompliDox created an easily repeatable process that delivers high value to the consumer and provides efficiencies by eliminating the high cost of printing and shipping of door hangers. Additionally, the local contractors delivering the documents follow the same easily repeatable process to generate the documents, regardless of vendor, servicer, or document content. Finally, CompliDox provides work order-specific data that can be audited by field service companies, servicers, and examiners. With CompliDox, you know the exact content of the document that was delivered, even if it was completed years in the past. And pinning POS photos to a digital map allows multiple visual views, which provides advanced visual audit capabilities and proves that the document was delivered to the correct property address every time. Added Value to Clients CompliDox empowers servicers and field service companies with a powerful loss mitigation tool, while keeping costs in line with their current operation. More importantly, CompliDox is the only field service solution that can satisfy insurers' call to the mortgage industry to provide more and better communication with delinquent borrowers. Ultimately, the consumer benefits the most by receiving the best possible consumer experience, which is the objective of CompliDox.

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