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42 | TH E M R EP O RT Special Advertorial Section COMPLIANCE COMPANY INDEX Prescient, Inc. Corporate Profile Prescient is a vertically integrated real estate service firm offering a variety of solutions to support traditional and default servicing industries. Prescient's state-of-the-art, proprietary software system facilitates scalable outsourcing products to promote efficiencies and performance excellence. Prescient is committed to providing best-in-class services, reliable solutions, and high-quality results. The company's long-term industry knowledge, seasoned team of industry professionals, and robust technologies make Prescient a proven and trusted resource for real estate solutions nationwide. Company History Prescient was founded more than 25 years ago as a small, minority-owned real estate service firm dedicated to providing forward thinking solutions to today's challenges. Since its inception, Prescient has done just that for government agencies, sponsored enterprises, and private aggregators nationwide. The company's commitment to clients combined with its continuous effort to "raise-the- service-excellence-bar" are contributing factors to its longevity and successful track record in traditional and default servicing. Regulatory Compliance Prescient has a long and continued history working directly for regulatory agencies. These direct relationships with government and oversight agencies makes Prescient an industry leader in compliance and reimbursement matters. In many cases having assisted in the creation of ongoing public and private programs that have set the standard for today's regulatory and compliance best practices. Prescient's accounting and reporting software assists with providing professionals rapid and audit friendly claims. Business Lines, Services & Products Prescient offers a complete suite of real estate services with superior excellence in asset management and HOA Account Management services. Prescient is recognized as an industry trailblazer for FHA and GSE compliance of HOA Accounts for mortgage servicers and disposition groups nationwide. In addition, Prescient offers: • Utility account management • Tax account management • Property Preservation and inspection services • Foreclosure and default management • Asset marketing & disposition • Due diligence Geographical scope and coverage area Prescient's full suite of real estate services is offered nationwide including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Key Features/Benefits Prescient is a leading provider in FHA and GSE complaint HOA services nationwide. Beyond regulatory compliance, Prescient has a proven track record of bringing HOA accounts in statutory compliance and negotiating non-compliant ledgers across super-lien and non-super-lien states. Competitive Advantage In an industry driven by data and tech- advancements Prescient masters the equilibrium between automating data and professional involvement from our field experts to produce highly accurate and sound products for our clients. Added Value to Clients Prescient's real estate component services can be outsourced more efficiently and affordably with risk-sharing options that yield better financial results while reducing reputational and operational risks. Key to Success Prescient's success is cultivated from our robust and flexible technology, willingness to conform to our clients needs and desire to make a positive impact across the real estate industry for all to benefit. Industry Awards, Accolades, & Milestones Prescient was a four-time recipient of SBA's successful Loan Disposition Management Program and a successful graduate of the 8A program for small and disadvantaged minority-owned businesses. KEY PERSONNEL Sam Igal President and COO Emy de la Fuente CFO Amy Sanchez VP Strategic Initiatives and Client Relations Rob DeWald Director of Operations, Component Services Brandon Schubert Director of Operations, Asset Management CONTACT INFORMATION Address: 2600 S. Douglas Road, Suite 800, Coral Gables, FL 33176 Phone: 786.433.0322 Email: Web:

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