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TH E M R EP O RT | 33 Special Advertorial Section TECHNOLOGY COMPANY GUIDE KEY PERSONNEL Gregory E. Teal President and CEO Jan Dalton Clark VP, Sales and Marketing CONTACT INFORMATION One Commerce Plaza 99 Washington Ave., Suite 309 Albany, NY 12210 225 S. Cabrillo Highway, Suite 200C Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 Phone: 800.345.3822 Web: Ernst Publishing Company CORPORATE PROFILE Ernst is the No. 1 provider of guaranteed closing cost data for the real estate lending industry. Processing over 150 million guaranteed transactions annually for nearly 90 percent of the industry, Ernst is a trusted source. Ernst creates automated solutions that calculate, manage, and integrate all types of fees into their clients' fee management, LOS, and closing portals with unparalleled precision. Its goal is to insure clients quote fees with 100 percent accuracy, while retaining their existing vendor relationships. Ernst's ultimate goal is the same as its clients', premium borrower satisfaction. COMPANY HISTORY Having processed over 1 billion transactions since 1989, Ernst is recognized industry-wide for its innovation and dedication to creating long-term industry solutions. Founded by Carl R. Ernst as a legal publishing company with a goal of standardizing recording fees and transfer taxes nationally, Ernst moved into the technology arena in the mid-1990s. Ernst's innovative approach has created the standard for accessing not just recording fee and transfer taxes but all types third-party vendor fees with 100 percent accuracy. KEY FEATURES/BENEFITS Ernst's clients access award-winning, guaranteed fee solutions for recording fees, transfer taxes, settlement and escrow fees, title insurance premiums, appraisal and miscellaneous fees with direct connections to all types of industry providers. Or, they can create their own managed vendor networks. Regardless of source, Ernst solutions integrate with nearly every industry fee management system, LOS, and closing platform. Products include: • Guaranteed Title & Settlement Agent Gateways: Enables clients to create and manage their own guaranteed network of underwriters and settlement agents through direct connections to all of their providers. Settlement agents can enter and certify their fees and integrate them into lenders' LOS systems in real time. • Custom Fee Engine Solutions: Provides Ernst clients the ability to instantly manage and promote any type of fee seamlessly into any of their systems. The solution can reside directly on client's local servers. • CFPB Solution Suite: Generates buyer/seller splits and taxing authorities to the local level, including mapping of over 7,000 neighborhood into taxing jurisdictions. Settlement Service fees are itemization with everything needed to meet the CFPB's TRID fee requirements. • Smart Query™ Calculators: Guarantees fee calculations for the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure, accessible via the Web, XML, and client hosted environments. • Cost2Close™ Mobile Application Services: Custom Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure Mobile Applications enable clients to private label and create their own unique fee programs. • Cost2Close Patented Monitoring Service: Enables Ernst clients to monitor any fee changes that occur between the Loan Estimate and closing so they can process change circumstances within 24 hours of a fee increase. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Aside from the company's 27 years of recognized industry innovation, awards, and expertise, Ernst stands out as a premier provider because it delivers: • Your Fees, Your Way with Unparalleled Accuracy! • Complete transaction request and response speeds of less than ¼ second. • Integrations can be complete in a little as 30 days and Ernst is networked with most fee management system, LOS, and closing portals in the industry. • DLL solutions enabling clients to run and store Ernst programs directly on their servers. • Custom Fee Engines enabling clients to man - age their fees, promoting changes instantly to production. • Customized Web interfaces enabling users to design screens to match their processes rather than working with fees that don't apply. • Custom solutions designed to work in PC, Apple, iPad, and mobile environments with uniformity. STRATEGIES AND GOALS FOR THE COMING YEAR At Ernst, creating custom fee networks and managing fees with 100 percent accuracy throughout the loan process is what is done every day, all day. In 2016, Ernst is focusing on tools that help lenders and settlement agents maintain their relationships while meeting TRID compliance. The company has seen lenders move away from their local settlement agent relationships because they haven't had a way to keep those relationships compliant. Ernst has created a program that enables settlement agents to self manage and guarantee their fees so that lenders can integrate those fees into quotes even before the LE is generated. Everyone wins! AWARDS, ACCOLADES, AND MILESTONES With more than 20 industry-recognized accomplishments since 1990, Ernst is most proud of it's U.S. Patent for Innovative Search Technology and processing its one-billionth transaction in 2015!

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