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4 | TH E M R EP O RT MTECH Credit Plus Rises to Meet Fannie Mae's New Credit Data Requirements AS FANNIE MAE PREPARES TO INCORPORATE TRENDED CREDIT DATA—A HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE OF BORROWERS' PAYMENT HABITS—INTO ITS UNDERWRITING PLATFORM, CREDIT DATA DEVELOPS ITS TRENDED CREDIT PLATFORM. C redit Plus, a provider of insight for mortgage professionals, recently announced it is currently testing trended credit data within its platform to meet Fannie Mae requirements and expects the availability of trended credit data reports beginning this month. Trended credit data is a two-year historical perspective on a consumer's utilization of credit accounts, giving lenders a means to better analyze borrower behavior and extract more meaningful statistics. With the availability of this new data, lenders will be able to determine if a borrower tends to pay off revolving credit lines each month or if they tend to carry a balance month-to-month while making minimum or other payments. In addition, seasonal and sudden changes in revolving credit behavior will be revealed. The trended data will be included on virtually all active tradelines, not just revolving accounts, and will include credit cards, Home Equity Lines of Credit, student loans, car loans, and mortgages. Fannie Mae is currently incorporating trended credit data into its Desktop Underwriter (DU) Version 10.0 and will be implementing it during the weekend of June 25, 2016. "With a more comprehensive depiction of a borrower's approach to credit management, lenders will be better equipped to make a more accurate assessment of the appli - cant's creditworthiness, thereby minimizing their risk," said Greg Holmes, National Director of Sales and Marketing at Credit Plus. Credit Plus is partnering with Equifax and TransUnion to provide comprehensive trended credit data via highly customizable reports, and lenders will be able to choose from almost 100 attributes. While each of the three national credit bureaus currently offer trended credit data in some format, only TransUnion's CreditVision and Equifax's Dimensions trended credit data sets will be required by Fannie Mae in June. Experian's trended credit data is currently not part of the Fannie Mae rollout, but it could become part of the requirements at a later date. Ten-X Announces Partnership With CCIM Institute THE PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN TEN-X AND CCIM INSTITUTE WILL ALLOW THOUSANDS OF PROFESSIONALS TO COMPLETE COMMERCIAL PROPERTY TRANSACTIONS ONLINE ON THE TEX-X PLATFORM. T en-X (formerly Auction. com), an online market- place for real estate, recently announced it formed a partnership with Certified Commercial Investment Mem- ber (CCIM) Institute. According to Ten-X, the partnership is designed to educate the institute's members on how to use the Ten-X platform to market to their advantage and transact commercial properties online. "In forming a partnership with CCIM Institute, we aim to empower the thousands of CCIM members with the knowledge and tools to build their book of business and more efficiently transact commercial properties by harnessing the power of the Ten-X platform," said Yan Khamish, Managing Director of Ten-X's Brokerage Channel. "CCIM Institute is an ideal partner for us, as it offers the most robust educational offerings for commercial real estate professionals and is at the forefront of promoting the industry's adoption of technology- based solutions that improve the commercial transaction process for brokers and their clients." recently rebranded as Ten-X, announcing plans to introduce new transaction platforms that give sellers and their broker-advisers the option of choosing to transact using either Elegant Solutions and Enhanced Offerings THE INDUSTRY CONTINUES TO SIMPLIFY PROCESSES AND EXPAND OFFERINGS WITH INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES.

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