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8 | TH E M R EP O RT MDWELL On the Frontline Where Real Estate Agents Can Thrive Source: WalletHub "2016's Best & Worst Cities to Be a Real Estate Agent R eal estate agents that position themselves in the right location have the potential to establish a lasting career in a hot housing market that presents plenty of job opportunities and competition. A real estate career offers many perks including the ability to "be your own boss, determine your own schedule, earn a potentially high income, and be ready to help your clients buy, rent, or sell properties in just a few weeks or months, depending on your state's licensing require- ments," according to a report from WalletHub. However, WalletHub noted that the job is not as easy as it seems. "As most established agents are inclined to admit, it requires real commitment, work outside normal business hours, a likeable personality, and financial stability—in case of a tough season," the report stated. In a study of 150 of the most populated U.S. cities, WalletHub analysts determined which cities are able to provide real estate agents a fruitful career using two key dimensions, "job opportunity and competition" and "real-estate market heat." The cities' scores are based on a scale of 0 to 100, where 100 is best and 0 is the worst. THRIVING MARKET Aurora, Colorado is listed fifth with 52.56 points. The city is ranked 14th in terms of job opportuinity and competition and real estate market heat, placing real estate agents in an optimal position to grow their business. THRIVING MARKET THRIVING MARKET With 55.38 points, Irvine, California, offers real estate agents a market that is sure to bring nu- merous business op- portunities. The city is the fourth-highest job opportunity and competition market, and real estate in this area is ranked seventh in terms of heat. THRIVING MARKET THRIVING MARKET The first market on the list where real estate agents can be successful is Denver, Colorado, with 57.70 points. Denver ranks third in terms of job op- portunity and com- petition and sixth in terms of real estate market heat. THRIVING MARKET THRIVING MARKET In Austin, Texas, real estate agents have few job opportuni- ties and competition from others in the market. However, the housing market in this area remains hot with 53.80 points and second place on the list in terms of real estate market heat. THRIVING MARKET WEAK MARKET Jackson, Mississippi, leaves real estate agents with little job op- portunity and com- petition at 150th on the list. The city has 25.28 points and is a cold market at 136th. WEAK MARKET WEAK MARKET The real estate mar- ket in Brownsville, Texas, is listed with only 26.92 points, offering agents low job opportunities and competition (ranked 145) and a cool real estate market (ranked 144) WEAK MARKET WEAK MARKET With only 23.64 points, Columbus, Georgia, real estate agents may have a hard time flourish- ing in this market. The city is ranked 149th in terms of job opportunities and competition and 146th in terms of real estate mar- ket heat. WEAK MARKET WEAK MARKET Real estate agents in Fayetteville, North Carolina, are faced with a housing market with only 24.83 points. In terms of job opportunities and competition, Fayetteville ranks 124th, while real estate market heat remains pretty cold at 147th on the list. WEAK MARKET WEAK MARKET Detroit, Michigan, is placed last on the list for real estate agents with 21.67 points. Real estate agents will have little to no job opportunity or competition as the city is 144th on the list and freezing cold in terms of real estate market heat at 149th. WEAK MARKET THRIVING MARKET Seattle, Washington's real estate market may not offer the most job opportunity and competition (ranked 39th), but the city has an over- all score of 54.24 points and the third hottest housing market. THRIVING MARKET

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