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34 | TH E M R EP O RT SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION // TITLE & ESCROW GUIDE Hunoval & Associates, PLLC & eClosings, LLC CORPORATE PROFILE Hunoval & Associates, PLLC is a multi-state law firm providing settlement and title-related services on consumer mortgage transactions. eClosings, LLC is an affiliated company providing consulting services to small-to-midsize originators ($3 billion or less annually). COMPANY HISTORY Hunoval & Associates is a 'spin off' of an M&A transaction following the BP Law Group's purchase of its foreclosure and default practice. eClosings, LLC was formed following Matt Hunoval's role in helping architect, project plan, and participate as a key stakeholder in the North Carolina Secretary of State's eClosing Pilot. REGULATORY COMPLIANCE Matt Hunoval served for over three years on the North Carolina Banking Commission and due to the heavy regulatory and compliance burden on the default side of the consumer mortgage industry, Hunoval & Associates is intimately familiar with all aspects of compliance and regulatory concerns. BUSINESS LINES, SERVICES, AND PRODUCTS While there are several affiliated businesses that are horizontally and vertically integrated in the consumer mortgage space, the two economic drivers are the law firm, Hunoval & Associates, and the consulting business, eClosings. While large originators may have the internal staff and resources to enable the transition to eClosings/digital mortgage, small-to- midsize players may need some outside help. GEOGRAPHICAL SCOPE AND COVERAGE AREA For Hunoval & Associates, North and South Carolina (soon to be Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia). For eClosings, availability nationwide. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE The real weak point in the ecosystem of consumer mortgage—in terms of bringing end-to-end digital mortgage to market—is on the settlement services end. There just aren't many providers out there who can deliver an end-to-end digital mortgage experience to the consumer like Hunoval & Associates and it's affiliate eClosings, which have completed 5,000+ hybrid virtual closings in the past five years. With this depth of experience Hunoval & Associates and eClosings is ready, willing, and able to bring originators into the digital mortgage age right now. ADDED VALUE TO CLIENTS If an originator can save 30-50 basis points in mortgage production costs, increase production rates utilizing the same resources (thus helping retain and recruit top production talent), while increasing customer satisfaction . . . it pays for itself many times over. KEYS TO SUCCESS The multi-trillion dollar consumer mortgage business is on the precipice of finally leaving pen and paper behind and entering the digital age. There is a huge need in the small-to-midmarket originator space to help enable this transition. With both Matt Hunoval's public endeavors (former member of the North Carolina Banking Commission) and private role (founder of a multi-state law firm focused exclusively on consumer mortgage) efforts focused on this and having completed 5,000+ hybrid 'virtual closings' since 2012, Hunoval & Associates and eClosings are intimately familiar with this space. That old business school case study cliché applies—Wayne Gretsky wasn't the fastest skater nor did he have the hardest slapshot. When asked the secret to his success on the ice, he said: "I skate to where the puck is going, not where it is." Hunoval & Associates and eClosings has been fortunate to have completed 5,000+ hybrid closings via its proprietary virtual closing platform since its debut in 2012. The company is a bit ahead of the curve, skating to where the puck is going. Now that the market is finally ready for a scalable, digital mortgage solution, Hunoval & Associates and eClosings is poised to deliver. By the end of 2017, the company expects to have closed around 500+ end- to-end digital mortgages with a $1 billion originator it has partnered with—and are in discussions with several more originators to get them ready to go to market. INDUSTRY AWARDS AND ACCOLADES • Architect, North Carolina Secretary of State's eClosing Pilot • Former Member, North Carolina Banking Commission – Matt Hunoval • Charlotte Business Journal 'Fast 50' award winner, a list of the 50-fastest growing privately- held companies in the larger Charlotte market • Member, North Carolina Bar Association's Best Practices Task Force • Regular speaker at trade and industry conferences – Matt Hunoval
 KEY PERSONNEL Matt Hunoval Founder STAFFING 35 Employees CONTACT INFORMATION 501 Minuet Lane Phone: 704.334.7114 Email: Web: LinkedIn: matthunoval/

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