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38 | TH E M R EP O RT SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION // TITLE & ESCROW GUIDE ValuAmerica CORPORATE PROFILE Founded in 1996 by the management team that pioneered the concepts of appraisal and vendor management, ValuAmerica is a national title agency, appraisal management company, and technology provider with coverage across all 3,143 counties in the U.S. ValuAmerica is a provider of real estate information and technology services to the mortgage and real estate industry . The company provides a comprehensive suite of appraisal, title, closing, and settlement services as well as develops technology, such as its award-winning technology platform ValuNet xsp, to help mortgage lenders and their vendors streamline and manage their supply chains and operational workflows. KEY FEATURES ValuAmerica provides its clients with a comprehensive suite of real estate information products that are high in quality at industry-leading turn-times. These software products enable the company's clients to identify, select, and monitor the performance of vendors providing services in the real estate and mortgage industries. This is made possible through the company's award-winning technology platform, ValuNet xsp—developed for the real estate lending industry, by industry experts. The platform is intuitive, efficient, and available on the web to staff, clients, and vendors 24/7. Through open-ended customization options, ValuNet xsp gives lenders and service providers the ultimate freedom in creating a perfect fit with their technology. In addition, ValuAmerica is currently integrated with several of the leading LOS providers, enabling a consolidated workflow effort into one, seamless platform. ValuAmerica currently supports clients across the financial services industry with a comprehensive suite of title services, including but not limited to: • Deed Report, aka Legal & Vesting (L&V) • Property Report, aka Ownership & Encumbrance (O&E) • Eazy-Close Protection Policy/Warranted Title Products • ALTA Residential Junior Loan Policy • Full ALTA Title Policy COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE ValuAmerica is committed to providing its clients with the services and technology they need to successfully run their mortgage businesses. ValuAmerica is constantly looking for the best ways to improve processes and maximize efficiencies for their customers in order to live up to its mission statement: "To be the first choice for mortgage and real-estate market solutions." For example, ValuAmerica was the first appraisal management company to provide its lender clients access to the FHA's EAD portal with a direct system-to-system integration. The integration enables electronic transmission of appraisal data and reports to the FHA by FHA-approved lenders and their designated third-party service providers prior to loan endorsement—streamlining the data entry process and reducing error rates before endorsement by identifying any appraisal data or compliance issues upfront. ADDED VALUE TO CLIENTS In 2015, ValuAmerica was acquired by Clayton Holdings, LLC, a subsidiary of Radian Group Inc. (NYSE: RDN) giving the company additional support to further develop the technology, infrastructure, and vendor networks required for today's more competitive, compliance-focused environment. KEYS TO SUCCESS Principles of success include: • Developing efficient, regulatory-compliant technology • Providing staff with training and support to foster a culture of knowledge and professionalism • Presenting superior service and products to our clients and valued consumers ValuAmerica is always working towards our goal of being the market leader in the appraisal, title, closing, and technology space. Through its dedicated team of best in class underwriters, ValuAmerica is able to provide its clients with strong attention to detail on compliance and risk management issues. KEY PERSONNEL Shawn Murphy EVP Steven Stipetich SVP, Operations Jeffrey Kopach VP, Client Relations Michael Ehms VP, Business Development STAFFING 81 Employees CONTACT INFORMATION 113 Technology Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15275 Phone: 800.646.8258 Email: Web:

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