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TH E M R EP O RT | 5 MTECH systems and data, and to build and deploy custom applications in the cloud. Users are now able to use Leverage Encompass Developer Connect to build solutions to meet specific business needs and quickly deliver new capabili - ties to customers and employees. Through the new portal, lenders can onboard their developers and empower them to innovate, while networking with other develop - ers across Ellie Mae's customers, facilitating information sharing and self-service through community engagement. Encompass Developer Connect offers: • Application programming interfaces (APIs): Leverage sample code and snippets to learn how to easily customize and extend Encompass capabilities and inte - grate external data and solutions through new APIs. • Interactive documentation: Find information quickly without nav- igating through multiple pages. • API playground: Test drive Ellie Mae's APIs and explore new capabilities. • Developer resources: Quickly gain traction with documenta - tion, including user guides and use cases. • Developer dashboard: How the Encompass Lending Platform can be optimized. The anticipated Developer Forum will come later in 2017 to offer one location to share ideas, best practices, and use cases. "The launch of Encompass Developer Connect empowers our customers, partners and indepen - dent developers in their efforts to innovate for the mortgage industry, grow their own businesses, and re- alize the goal that if you can dream it, you can build it," said Jonathan Corr, Ellie Mae President and CEO. "The new Encompass Developer Connect portal offers information, documentation, and resources to speed this innovation. Lenders and homebuyers will benefit from the simpler and faster experiences driven by these efforts." The first APIs to be released to Encompass clients include Loan Data, Loan View, Loan Events, and Documents. Mortgage Cadence Announces Third Generation of Borrower Center THE ENHANCED BORROWER CENTER OFFERS MORE SELF-SERVICE OPTIONS FOR BORROWERS AND ALLOWS LENDERS TO STYLE THE SYSTEM TO MATCH THEIR BRAND'S APPEARANCE. M ortgage Cadence, an Accenture company, announced the launch of the third generation of its Borrower Center. The company said it hopes to expand the borrower self-service capabili- ties and enhance the origina- tion workflow of its Enterprise Lender Center platform. According to Mortgage Cadence, this new release of its cloud-based technology should provide a superior experience for borrowers and a more efficient, cost-effective process for lenders. The features of the third genera - tion of Borrower Center include: • The ability to allow borrowers to create a secure account to which they return throughout the origination cycle to virtually col- laborate and check the progress of their loan, upload documents, view conditions, and communi- cate with their lender. • A single system of record which gives lenders a single comprehensive piece of technol- ogy that ensures data integrity and security and helps ensure compliance. • Easy-to-use admin tools so lend - ers have complete controls over page names, content, titles, fields, and button names. • Branding and styling opportuni - ties so that lenders may easily match the experience of their website. "Mortgage Cadence continues to lead the way in borrower-facing technologies—a road we started down almost two decades ago," said Trevor Gauthier, Mortgage Cadence's President and COO. "It's exciting to release this next-genera - tion borrower portal with the sole purpose of advancing our digital suite of technologies to ensure that our customers stay at the forefront of the lending industry." VirPack Lunches Preconfigured Document Management and Delivery System VIRPACK'S NEW OFFERING AIMS TO MAKE LOAN DOCUMENT CREATION AND MANAGEMENT MORE EFFICIENT FOR LENDERS. V irPack, a provider of document management, imaging, and workflow solutions, launched "Preconfig - ured" Document Management and Delivery System (DMDS) in March, which enables rapid deployment delivering immediate operational efficiency gains and ROI throughout the loan lifecycle. According to VirPack, traditional LOS-provided document manage - ment implementation placed the burden of creating and managing electronic loan delivery profiles on the lender, an issue the company hopes to address through its pre - configured implementation tech- nology. Lenders can immediately deploy one-click electronic loan delivery that improves secondary market execution and significantly minimizes suspense issues and lock expiration penalties. "Our previous document man - agement provider notified us that they were sunsetting their product. Due to our growth and other high priority projects, our staff had limited time and resources to im - plement a new document manage- ment solution in time for our busy spring home buying season," said Jill Quinn, EVP of Operations at Philadelphia Mortgage Advisors. "We selected VirPack for their experience, advanced technology and preconfigured methodolo - gies based on best practices that enabled us to gain immediate ROI and provided operational efficiency with the goal of closing more loans with existing staff." The goal of VirPack's preconfig - ured methodology and technology is to significantly reduce the cycle time from origination to clos- ing. VirPack hopes lenders will gain production and operational efficiencies. "Historically, with traditional or LOS-provided document manage - ment implementations, the process has been extremely taxing on lend- ers due to its time-consuming and resource-draining nature," said Cy Brinn, President of VirPack. "By utilizing VirPack's preconfigured implementation methodology and advanced Document Management and Delivery System (DMDS), lenders can immediately reduce their dependency on paper, gener - ate greater operational efficiency, increase productivity, facilitate col- laboration and improve customer and staff satisfaction." "Historically, with traditional or LOS- provided document management implementations, the process has been extremely taxing on lenders due to its time-consuming and resource-draining nature." —Cy Brinn, President, VirPack

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