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64 | TH E M R EP O RT FINAL THOUGHTS Word for Word Whether standing at a podium, answering congressional questions, or penning company- wide missives, the following national figures used their notoriety in the past month to address the state of housing, defend their positions, and yes, even make a few blunders. "You've asked me a question, and I'm not promoting any product. But you should all send your kids to 'Lego Batman.'" Treasury Secretary STEVEN MNUCHIN, a partner in the film's production company, received ire and ethics complaints for this statement last month. Mnuchin stated he would "exercise greater caution to avoid any suggestion that I do not take these important rules seriously." "Essentially, Too Big to Fail has been solved . . ." In his annual letter to shareholders released last month, JPMorgan Chase CEO JAMIE DIMON said that the banking system is now set up to where "taxpayers will not pay if a bank fails." "When the Titanic started going down, you could be in the most luxurious suite, but you are still going down." Comment made by HUD Secretary BEN CARSON in order to urge wealthy Americans to help low-income communities. "Not every dollar is a good dollar . . ." In his annual letter to investors, Bank of America CEO BRIAN MOYNIHAN stressed the company's commitment to responsible growth, saying, "Not every dollar is a good dollar, unless it comes from activities that satisfy a customer need and fit our risk parameters." "Character assassination." Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Director RICHARD CORDRAY's response to accusations that he and a dozen other senior CFPB managers circumvented the Government Records Act by using cell phones to conduct agency business.

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