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14 | TH E M R EP O RT MCROWD FROM THE SOURCE "Diversity is particularly important to us because our country is made of various types of interesting and intriguing individuals. Having a diverse workplace not only helps the organization grow but it allows us as leaders to look at things in a different perspective. Every person, whether age, gender, race, or ethnic background, has different ways of looking at things based on their experiences and upbringing. Having diversity in an organization will assist the company in understanding the consumer's needs as well as building a great reputation for the organization." — Caliber Home Loans addressing the challenges faced by minority and women-owned businesses, AMDC takes on today's issues with a refreshing perspective and meaningful insight. Agent-Broker Association Names New Leaders The Federation of REO Certified Experts (FORCE) announced new members to its Advisory Council in June. Nancy Braun was named Chairperson of the Advisory Council. The owner of Showcase Realty in Charlotte, North Carolina, Braun has 20 years of experience as a real estate broker. She was recently named by REAL Trends/Wall Street Journal as the No. 7 agent in the nation based on closed transactions. Additional Council members announced include Hugh Morrow of RE/MAX Preferred in Birmingham, Alabama; Tara Nagelhout of Emerald Valley Real Estate in Eugene, Oregon; Steve Pagano of Coldwell Banker in Huntington Station, New York; Terry Rasner-Yacenda of Reno Tahoe Realty Group in Reno, Nevada; and Dick Thackston of R.H. Thackston & Company in Winchester, New Hampshire. Industry Group Launches Diversity Effort In additional FORCE news, last month the organization announced the launch of its Diversity Council, a team dedicated to embracing and encouraging diversity in the REO, default servicing, and mortgage industries at large. Long-time industry professionals will head up each committee. Committee leaders include: Adriana Montes of Florida Dreams Realty Group (Latino Professionals in FORCE); Kris Ramdat of REO Integration Inc. (Asian Professionals in FORCE); Gregory Anderson of ACB Realty, Inc. (Black Professionals in FORCE); Justine Jimenez Garcia of Countrywide Properties, Inc. (Women Professionals in FORCE); Jennifer Dinatally of United Real Estate Strive 212 (LGBT Professionals in FORCE); and Hugh Morrow of RE/MAX Preferred (Veteran Professionals in FORCE). SHARE THIS: "THE TRADITIONAL LEANINGS OF MILLENNIALS", Millennials & Real Estate Infographic A recent survey by CentSai revealed some interesting facts about millennial homebuyers— namely, that the demo is much more traditional than most would expect. Survey results showed that 75 percent of millennials would prefer to use a local real estate agent than an online one, and 71 percent said they'd prefer a local lender, too. More than half said they're planning to buy a home in the next two years. They company has put the data into a handy infographic found on WATCH THIS: DR. BEN CARSON ON HUD BUDGET CUTS @CBS Miami CBS Miami shared reporter Rubadeh Shahbazi's interview with Dr. Ben Carson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, about the impact of proposed budget cuts to HUD, which amount to more than $6 billion. According to the National Low Income Housing Initiative, 200,000 seniors, families, and people with disabilities could become homeless if the cuts are approved. Carson responded: "I don't think there's going to be anybody who needs to worry about being thrown out on the streets." READ THIS: "THE KNOWLEDGE ILLUSION: WHY WE NEVER THINK ALONE" By Steven Sloman and Philip Fernbach Penned by cognitive scientists Steven Sloman and Philip Fernbach, The Knowledge Illusion delves into the wisdom that surrounds us. In a world with unbelievable technology and awe-inspiring inventions, humans understand very little on an individual level, but collectively? According to Sloman and Fernbach, they're able to thrive by pulling intelligence from the people and environment around them. And this collaborative wisdom is to blame for many of the best—and the worst—parts of society. TWEET THIS: #TOOBIGTOFAIL When President Donald Trump signed two executive orders calling for a review of "too big-to-fail" institutions and their oversight, the hashtag #TooBigToFail started trending across the nation. Everyone from industry professionals and news reporters to government agencies and representatives were using it. Search the hashtag to keep up with the latest insight and developments.

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