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TH E M R EP O RT | 3 CO NTE NTS 16 DEVOTED TO DIVERSITY Freddie Mac's Dwight Robinson and other top diversity professionals, talk homeownership—and how building a more diverse mortgage workforce can help Americans better achieve it. 20 IT'S A JOURNEY, NOT A DESTINATION Fannie Mae has come a long way since it began its diversity and inclusion journey more than two decades ago; but while the company may be one of the leaders in diversity, it is not complacent, knowing the destination still lies ahead. 24 MORE THAN JUST CHECKING BOXES Diversity is much more than just checking a list of boxes and hiring people who look different from one another; it's a business strategy that can either attract or alienate potential clients. 28 CROSSING OCEANS, BREAKING THROUGH BARRIERS Many have journeyed far in pursuit of the American Dream over the past two centuries; today those pursuing the American Dream have to contend with a different set of barriers. 32 DIVERSITY UNDER THE MAGNIFYING GLASS "Diversity" and "inclusion" are buzzwords that have been trending in the mortgage industry for some time, but when truly absorbed, they can have a multitude of positive impacts on a business. 36 IT STARTS AT THE TOP Executives can—and should—play a role in their organization's diversity and inclusion efforts. Pulte Mortgage's CEO provides a roadmap on just how to do that. DEPARTMENTS 10 TAKE 5 Ashley Woodworth, VP of Product Management at First American Mortgage Solutions 12 MCROWD Who's moving on and who's moving up in the industry

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