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4 | TH E M R EP O RT MTECH DocMagic, BeSmartee Aim for Millennial-style Speed THE COMPANIES ARE FACILITATING ONLINE MORTGAGE LOAN APPLICATIONS AND DISCLOSURES IN JUST MINUTES. D ocMagic, Inc., and BeSm- artee are working together to accelerate the mortgage loan origination process, deliver- ing speed and accuracy BeSmartee CEO Tim Nguyen says millenni- als expect. Based in Torrance, California, DocMagic offers document production and eMortgage ser- vices, while Huntington Beach, California-based BeSmartee is a loan origination software provider. Together the two companies are allowing borrowers to complete loan applications and receive disclo- sures online within minutes instead of the days or weeks it previously took with a paper process. "Together, we're delivering the type of speed and service that millennials have come to expect, which is key to securing new business from this coveted group of borrowers," Nguyen said. According to Nguyen, the integration offers "a level of speed that the industry hasn't experi - enced before but that, as more lenders discover its impact on sales and operations, more bor- rowers will come to expect." Dominic Iannitti, CEO of DocMagic, said the integration allows the two technologies "to operate at their peak collaborative performance." Borrowers complete their online application, and then receive disclosures automatically, which they can sign electronically—all without any action by the lender. BeSmartee offers an auto-pop - ulation feature that helps shorten the time it takes to complete a loan application, and then it con- nects lenders with providers that validate borrower information instantly. DocMagic then offers compliant electronic disclosures based on the application within minutes. "A true eMortgage uses no paper at all. It's a start-to-finish electronic process that requires col - laboration among certain technol- ogy providers," Iannitti said. He also explained that eMort- gages offer several benefits, including "better speeds, security, quality, and accuracy, which translate to a better borrower experience and more efficient eco- nomical operations for the lender." He continued: "DocMagic is proud to be the solution that con- nects not only those technologies, but also all of the entities that use them to enable a truly electronic process. It's great to partner with progressive companies like BeSmartee who are helping to make eMortgages possible." Safeguard Announces Additions to Management Team THE FIELD SERVICES PROVIDER BRINGS ON A NEW VP OF CLIENT RELATIONS AND DIRECTOR OF FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING. S afeguard Properties, a mortgage field services provider based in Valley View, Ohio, announced in May two new professionals are join - ing the company's management team: Sheilla Lienerth as Assistant VP of Client Relations and Lisa Nicholas as Director of Finance and Accounting. Lienerth will oversee client account management and process improvement at Safeguard. As a Six Sigma Black Belt, Lienerth "brings a continuous improve- ment mindset and process disci- pline to all aspects of her work," according to Safeguard. Lienerth's past experience includes leadership roles in sales, customer engagement, perfor- mance, and business analytics for such companies as Bridgestone and KeyBank. Lienerth earned her Executive MBA from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. She was awarded the 2015 Executive MBA Leadership Award from Weatherhead School of Management and the Distinguished Alumni Award from Judson University. She earned a bachelor's degree in Tech Steps In When the industry encounters obstacles, such as municipal liens that slip through the cracks of most title searches, or when changes arise that may put a lender at a disadvantage, such as liens and judgments being left out of credit reports, tech firms swoop in with new solutions.

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