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Move faster. Reduce rework. Close more loans. Discover how HouseCanary Analytics helps you make better lending decisions. HouseCanary has the most accurate, real-time lending database in the U.S., available instantly to help qualify and approve your clients. Strong Roots HouseCanary was founded by Jeremy Sicklick and Chris Stroud in 2014 with the goal of helping people make better real estate decisions. In just a few short years, the company has grown to nearly 100 employees, and has expanded its datasets to cover every residential property in the United States. An innovator in the resi- dential real estate space, HouseCanary is revolutionizing the way residential real estate is purchased, appraised, valued, and sold. With a team of world-class data scientists, HouaseCanary has created the most-accurate forecasting models in the industry, and has packaged its knowledge into easy-to-use software solutions for appraisers, brokers, investors, and lenders. Core Business Lines, Services, and Products HouseCanary builds mobile, web, and API products which are trusted by industry leaders. Lenders—With the most accurate, real-time lending database in the U.S., HouseCanary brings lenders a level of comfort by helping them validate the value of a property and more readily qualify and approve clients. HouseCanary auto- mates loan appraisal and underwriting and allows lenders to prequalify customers with values and LTVs that align with the appraisal, meaning more loans—and more profits. Real Estate Brokers and Agents—HouseCanary differentiates real estate profes- sionals' businesses with the most complete and accurate home valuations and analytics for every block and property in the U.S. Appraisers—HouseCanary saves appraisers time and money with all-in-one cloud appraisal software that can be accessed from your desktop, tablet, or phone. Retailers—By determining where high-value properties are or where they are about to take off, HouseCanary helps retailers determine which neighborhoods are optimally suited for their next retail shop. Retailers will have the security of knowing they are in their ideal neighborhood and the opportunity to be there first. Standout Service By aggregating millions of data elements, including more than four decades of property data and a rapidly expanding arsenal of proprietary calculations and analytics, HouseCanary can accurately forecast residential home values and identify market influences across the U.S. to help real estate professionals make mission-critical decisions, such as property selection, valuation, underwriting, and portfolio optimization. A Unique Edge By indexing and analyzing over 40 years of residential data and a billion transac- tions, HouseCanary offers residential forecasts for every metro, ZIP code, and block in the United States with an unmatched 0.7 percent error rate over 12 months. With HouseCanary's comprehensive data set and easy-to-use software, lenders will be able to qualify and approve clients faster than ever before with the comfort of knowing they have the most accurate forecasting models in the industry on their side. Added Value to Clients Utilizing the industry's most comprehensive data set, HouseCanary brings value to its clients with every real estate decision they make. In addition to the most accurate, real-time lending database in the U.S., HouseCanary can prequalify potential mortgage customers, speeding up the process and reducing lenders' credit risk. HouseCanary also offers an array of software solutions for appraisers, brokers, and agents that help them work smarter, faster, and more efficiently— saving them time and money. Success Starts with the Team HouseCanary's success starts with an incredible team. They are talented, dedi- cated and excited for the task at hand. They include some of the brightest data real estate strategists, statisticians, and software engineers in the industry work- ing everyday to make sure HouseCanary's products are as user-friendly and ac- curate as possible. Ultimately, HouseCanary's success depends on its customers' success. If HouseCanary can help them make better, faster real estate decisions, then everybody wins. 855.218.9597

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