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TH E M R EP O RT | 59 O R I G I NAT I O N S E R V I C I N G DATA G O V E R N M E N T S E C O N DA R Y M A R K E T THE LATEST GOVERNMENT Lift Strategic Partners is a strategy based advisory firm focused on fixed-income related business development, investment strategies, sourcing, operational structuring, and product development. We provide enhanced support and at times capital for housing, mortgage and servicing related technology and service companies to provide end to end solutions for our clients. In addition, Lift strategically partners with companies and counter parties to execute on their operational and investment needs. Jennifer McGuinness MANAGING PARTNER Tell us how you got your start in the housing industry and how your current role at Lift Strategic Partners fits into your long- term objectives. My start in the housing industry was actually by accident. I was in college and planning to become a lawyer while working for a lender as a mortgage loan processor and underwriter. When I graduated early, I began working for a law firm as a paralegal and ended up managing a group of real estate, foreclosure, bankruptcy, and litigation paralegals. This coupled with my origination experience, was the initial foundation for my career. Although I was accepted, I never did make it to law school and almost 20 years later, I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to have roles in origination, legal, mortgage servicing, asset management, hedge funds, REIT's and now the next challenge with Lift. Lift Strategic Partners is a natural next step. Lift provides myself and my partners the opportunity to leverage our collective experience in markets, products, trading and operations we have built and run in the past. We are very focused on having a seat at the table as the lending and housing markets adopt the necessary technologies to optimize their operations and business models in this highly regulated and complex environment. Lift strives to be the partner that both institutions and technology companies trust for innovation, growth, and execution. How would you define diversity and inclusion in the industry? Where should we be concentrating our efforts? I heard a quote recently, "Diversity is the engine of invention. It generates creativity that enriches the world" and I thought to myself, I agree with that. As it pertains to the industry, although women have begun to make significant strides, I believe other minorities and minority women have only begun to scratch the surface. I would like to see this equalize and the industry move to a "Who's the Best Candidate for the Job Model." How do we achieve this? By answering the following questions: Who is the most qualified? Who brings the best skills? Who will lead the best team? Who believes in the brand and empowers their staff to achieve a collective set of goals? Who will increase revenue and optimize outcomes? When you can answer these questions, this is who you hire, no matter where they went to college (it's not always going to be Ivy League), no matter their nationality, race, sexual orientation or gender. There is a lot of work to be done to move the needle, and proactive discussions must continue in order to bring the industry to this next level. What challenges do you face as a woman in the housing industry and what advice do you have for women just starting in the industry? Personally, I have been very lucky. Although I am regularly one of the only women in a meeting or around a table, I have generally been treated as an equal, but I will tell you that you need to earn it. I got my first "shot" because a trader was told that the model he wanted could not be built by 5 senior analysts. I volunteered to build it in a meeting with the 5 analysts, as I knew it could be done. That was a calculated risk that paid off. I spent three days at 20 hours a day building the model. The trader used it successfully and it became part of our trading business and I became a consistent resource to the trading desk. For women just starting out in the industry, you must believe in your vision and your skills. You need to have a "thick skin" and get back up when you get knocked down. Prove your worth and value to an organization and you will thrive. Don't sit on the sidelines and wait to be called into the game—show why you should be in the starting lineup. DIVERSITY PROFILE For more information please contact

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