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TH E M R EP O RT | 7 MTECH judgments and tax liens, making this information essential for lend- ers. LexisNexis explained that the new RiskView Liens & Judgments Report delivers technology advancements that strengthen the reliability of lien and civil judg- ment content with greater than 99 percent reliability and full compli- ance with Fair Credit Reporting Act regulations. "CBCInnovis approached us early in our development effort and recognized the importance of liens and judgments data for their customers," said Tim Coyle, Senior Director, Real Estate and Mortgage at LexisNexis Risk Solutions. "The report will assist a lender's ability to assess an ap - plicant's ability to pay, minimize related closing delays, and comply with investor requirements. CBCInnovis' extensive integra- tions with customers and leading industry platforms will make it simple for customers to adapt and protect themselves from the upcoming credit report content change." Hudson & Marshall Acquired FIDELITY NATIONAL FINANCIAL ACQUIRED THE FULL-SERVICE AUCTION COMPANY, AND SERVICELINK WILL NOW OFFER SERVICELINK AUCTION. F idelity National Financial (FNF) announced the acquisition of Hudson & Marshall (H&M), a full-service auction company, in May. FNF and H&M are partnering to further enhance the services FNF can provide to its lender, servicer, and real estate agent rela - tionships. Under FNF's umbrella, ServiceLink, a provider of trans- action services to the mortgage and finance industries, is launch- ing ServiceLink Auction, a full- service auction platform that will provide foreclosure and REO auc- tion services fully integrated with ServiceLink's suite of products. H&M will be the driving force behind this new service. "With ServiceLink Auction, we are providing a service for our customers who have been looking for auction alternatives," said Chris Azur, CEO of ServiceLink. "This service complements our default offerings and allows us to be the single service provider that the industry can count on to provide timely liquidity and optimal market value in the disposition of assets." "As the industry leader in quality, compliance, and an overarching commitment to customer excellence, ServiceLink is committed to consistently meeting the needs of our changing industry," Azur said. "In partnership with Hudson & Marshall's long history of auction leadership and innovative technology platforms, we are certain that ServiceLink Auction will become the go-to resource for servicers." Trixy Castro, CEO of Hudson & Marshall, was originally founder and CEO of Genesis Auctions, which H&M previously merged with in 2015. She then took over at Hudson & Marshall. "The partnership with ServiceLink provides an even greater reach for Hudson & Marshall's innovative disposition offerings," Castro said. "It's a great match and we are excited about the impact we can make together on the real estate industry." "In partnership with Hudson and Marshall's long-history of auction leadership and innovative technology platforms, we are certain that ServiceLink Auction will become the go-to resource for servicers." —Trixy Castro, CEO of Hudson & Marshall

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